Greetings fellow humans. I am me, Lee.

This blog is about loving life and being in love. As a mother, a wife, and a loyal friend, I am here to share my ideas, thoughts, and passions of how to live a happy and loving life with purpose.

I choose to openly share my life and my stories with you to encourage you to be positive and proactive. By sharing my story and discussing things such as parenting, relationships, and personal truths. If you really want to improve your life, your confidence, and your actions, it starts with an honest self-evaluation. (Please read my Disclaimer here.) You will find my own trials and achievements here, may they help you through your journey in some, personal way.

A mother, wife, and loyal friend, 

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“Dear Blog Buddy”

Since September 2018 I’ve partnered up with my Blog Buddy Vicky of Crunchy Leaves and Sunsets to organized a super creative and dedicated group of bloggers, we call ourselves the Blog Buddy Creative Team! Considering our blossoming friendship, partnership, and collaboration we write to each other openly on our blog each week. In an effort to further collaborate on our blogs together (as Blog Buddies!) we hope to inspire each other further in our lives to become more mindful, find purpose, and keep organized in the crazy existence we share called life.

Distance means nothing when you find a true friend. Thank god for the internet, for making special bits of blogging THIS special…

Her reply is posted on Crunchy Leaves and Sunsets on Mondays on her blog about her mindful lifestyle. Which I respond to by Friday here on my Loving Life With — Purpose lifestyle blog. Thanks for reading our blogs!

Lee & Vicky – Co-Owners of the Blog Buddy Program



Lee's Vlog Diary of 2019

I have a Vlog Diary I started this 2019! 

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