I have an assortment of services I can offer you. As well as some opportunity for mutually beneficial online relationships. Eventually, I will be building a referral network for online bloggers, coordinated within a Facebook Group.

I’m leading and developing a small team of bloggers called the Blog Buddy Program. You can read all about it there, but basically we have a variety of Blogging Buddies Communities (including our Facebook Group of over 800+ members)  and host a bloggers membership website with unique ways to personally develop your own blog, and progress with other friendly bloggers. You don’t have to blog alone anymore!

I’m down to get personal, and while you’re helping to support my journey, I can be there for yours too.


All inquiries can go the following email with an appropriate subject:

lovinglifewithlee [ @ ] g mail [.] com 

I will ignore spam and do not appreciate solicitation outside of my “social circle” (if you are not a follower of the blog, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).




I’m open to this once I have more than 30 posts. At this point, I’ll be a more established and practiced writer. I’m still getting in the zone…

If you want to reach out and discuss future plans and ideas, send me an email!

Subject: Guest Posting.



I would consider doing a sponsored written posts or videos for the following categories:

  • Child toys, books or educational products
  • Health products
  • Technology or Apps
  • Dog products or foods
  • Blogging Tools or E-Content
  • Parental Tools, Books or Content
  • Product Reviews within my niches (baby, partner, dogs, etc.)

And many others. Please contact me directly.




I am EXTREMELY INTERESTED in following a number of close niche, fellow bloggers.

I’d like to be a loyal fan, who comments on every article, likes every FB post, and repins your content. The list of help is endless, I’m familiar with nearly every social media platform and app you can think of. Check out my Patreon.com/luvlifewlee page for several options.

If you’ll scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. 

This is a huge part of what we offer bloggers at the Blog Buddy Program, so consider becoming a Best Buddy Patreon for exclusive access to me blogging!


Make sure to include a little about yourself and all of your social links so that I can start following right away. Expect an email back within 24 hours to begin our agreement, and figure out all those details.


Blog Assistant

Visit my Patreon page, for $20 a month I can spend up to an hour helping you with whatever you need help with!



Snohomish County, Washington State, United States of America


Please visit my site, www.LYphotos.com or if under construction, content myself, Yedda or Ryver.


Dreadlocks Maintenance

I’m an experienced in dreadlocks care of all kinds. I can install, maintain or even perform dread “surgery” if needed.

Although my mobility is limited to Washington state, I’m open to assist anyone. Prices can be discussed depending on your care. I can say I’m affordable and fair, and accept barters for this transaction.

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