I have an assortment of services I can offer you. As well as some opportunity for mutually beneficial online relationships. Eventually, I will be building a referral network for online bloggers, coordinated within a Facebook Group.



Blog Buddy Program

 I’m leading and developing a small team of bloggers called the Blog Buddy Program. You can read all about it there, but basically, we have a variety of Blogging Buddies Communities (including our Facebook Group of 1000+ members)  and host a bloggers membership website with unique ways to personally develop your own blog, and progress with other friendly bloggers. You don’t have to blog alone anymore!

I’m down to get personal, and while you’re helping to support my journey, I can be there for yours too.

Please go directly to Blog Buddy Program, to contact us on our Membership Site, Facebook or Discord.




If you want to reach out and discuss future plans and ideas, send me an email! With the Email Subject: Guest Posting.



I would consider doing a sponsored written posts or videos for the following categories:

  • Child toys, books or educational products
  • Health products
  • Technology or Apps
  • Dog products or foods
  • Blogging Tools or E-Content
  • Parental Tools, Books or Content
  • Product Reviews within my niches (baby, partner, dogs, etc.)

And many others. Please contact me directly via email. Subject: Sponsored Post




I am EXTREMELY INTERESTED in following and supporting a number of close niche, fellow bloggers. 

I’d like to be a loyal fan, who comments on every article, likes every FB post, and repins your content. The list of help is endless, I’m familiar with nearly every social media platform and app you can think of.

This is a paid tier of my Patreon Benefits: Check out my Patreon.com/luvlifewlee for more info!

If you’ll scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. 




I have recently been called to learn more about emotional energy transmutation. Much of my study, research, practice, and dedication is going towards helping others heal from emotional pain. I believe that our bodies are actually a mind-body system and that working with your own energy field, releasing trapped emotions, and looking to the stars can all help individuals live a more loving life. 

I do not currently hold any professional training or certificates. For this reason, I offer no official services or products.

Although I am open to the following list of services by Donation. The preferred donation for the list below is a minimum of $10, and as much as $20 an hour. If you feel by working with me that I deserve more or less than this, I will have no complaints. I only hope to help others, and I need more experience before opening any operational service in my future.

  • Reviewing & analyzing your Natal Birth Chart with You – I have between 6-10 years of experience in Astrology. I have reviewed more than 100 natal charts with people so far. I have a complete understanding of Astrology and it impacts on our lives
  • Short, Insightful Tarot Readings – I am now offering short, personal Tarot Readings (up to 5 cards). If you know me personally, then please send me a message any time.




Snohomish County, Washington State, United States of America


Please visit my site, www.LYphotos.com or if under construction, content myself, Yedda or Ryver.


Dreadlocks Maintenance

I’m an experienced in dreadlocks care of all kinds. I can install, maintain or even perform dread “surgery” if needed.

Although my mobility is limited to Washington state, I’m open to assisting anyone. Prices can be discussed depending on your care. I can say I’m affordable and fair and accept barters for this transaction.

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