This page outlines all the ways that you can support the success of this blog, as well as my other skills and projects. There is also information about what work I am open to currently including Guest Posting both on this blog, and for others who are looking for guest authors. As well as what kind of sponsored or affiliate partners I would be interested in. You can send inquiries to based upon the information on this page.

As you can expect from anyone, I have a range of different skills and resources. The most immediate way to support me is by becoming a monthly Patreon. There is a range of options available starting at as little as $3, including monthly readings, and access to my Emotional, Energetic, Spiritual and Body-Mind Science Databases (WATCH DEMO). Which is where I’ve collected all of my emotional, mindful, info and linked them to the correct essential oils and healing crystals. For those who are working towards self-healing, this is a valuable, powerhouse database of information!



Blog Buddy Program

 I’m leading and developing a small team of bloggers called the Blog Buddy Program. You can read all about it there, but basically, we have a variety of Blogging Buddies Communities (including our Facebook Group of 2000+ members)  and host a bloggers membership website with unique ways to personally develop your own blog, and progress with other friendly bloggers. You don’t have to blog alone anymore!

I’m down to get personal, and while you’re helping to support my journey, I can be there for yours too.

Please go directly to Blog Buddy Program, to contact us on our Membership Site, Facebook or Discord.






If you want to reach out and discuss future plans and ideas, send me an email! With the Email Subject: Guest Posting. Post must be over 2000 words and relate to my niche by: Energy, Emotional, Mindful, or Personal Self Care and Wellness Related Topics Only.



I would consider doing a sponsored written posts or videos for the following categories on this blog:

  • Wellness, Meditation, Mindful Awareness, and other products, courses, or training
  • Child toys, books or educational products
  • Health products such as essential oils, natural products, organic family foods or healing jewelry
  • Technology or Apps related to Psychology, Spiritual Growth, Personal Growth, Mindfulness, Organization
  • Blogging Tools or E-Content – Please contact me via connections
  • Parental Tools, Books or Content
  • Product Reviews for any of the listed above

And many others. Please contact me directly via email. Subject: Sponsored Post – Please include as much information in the email as possible about your offer.




I have recently been called to learn more about emotional energy transmutation. Much of my study, research, practice, and dedication is going towards helping others heal from emotional pain. I believe that our bodies are actually a mind-body system and that working with your own energy field, releasing trapped emotions, and looking to the stars can all help individuals live a more loving life. 

Readings are extremely affordable, at only $10-25 each with several options.

Universal Life Readings



Snohomish County, Washington State, United States of America


Soon I will be more prepared to offer more emotional readings in relation to energy health and personal readings in person. If you would like to support these goals, please consider becoming a Patreon!


Dreadlocks Maintenance

I’m an experienced in dreadlocks care of all kinds. I can install, maintain or even perform dread “surgery” if needed.

Although my mobility is limited to Washington state, I’m open to assisting anyone. Prices can be discussed depending on your care. I can say I’m affordable and fair and accept barters for this transaction.


Are you still doing photography? I can. But it is not currently a focus or part of my life’s direction. If you are a past client, I still have all photography from L. Y. Photos so feel free to contact me directly. If you really want me to consider being a photographer for a particular event, or a creative idea – just reach out to me and we’ll see what we can come up with. This has just returned to being a fun hobby currentlyP

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