Blogging Buddy Program

Blogging Buddy Program

I’ve always been a fan of Referral Rewards Programs, especially in small businesses. I’ve been trying to think about ways the Blogging Community can work together on a more personal, day to day basis. Sign up here and be assigned a Blog Buddy in September!

Join our Facebook Group The Blogging Buddies! Even if you don’t sign up for the program today! It’s a great place to make friends with yiur fellow bloggers, ask for help, and build your reputation as a blogger.

Hurry up! The first buddies will be assigned for September but sign up CLOSES on the 8/31st @ NOON.

Any submissions after the cut off will be considered for October Buddy Assignments


About the new Blog Buddy Program

Followers and friends are great, but sometimes the “good post” comments, just aren’t very helpful.

I’ve been wanting a blog buddy, but find it hard to choose who would be the best fit. I love the Twitter follow trains and am very actively promoting my content within Facebook promo groups. I know about Link Parties and things too. But it’s all so impersonal. That’s when I had the idea for a Blog Buddy Program (BBP). Like a “buddy system” for bloggers!

I’m collaborating with Ruth in Revolt to offer this to the new Blogging Buddy Group on Facebook.

You can join us on Google + too at the Blog Buddy Community, check out the Info, Rules & Guidelines for the community here.

Steps to be assigned a Blog Buddy 

1. Read the rules and guidelines within this post completely.

2. Join the group on Facebook The Blogging Buddies

3. Follow Ruth & Lee, links found at the bottom of this page.

4. Sign up for a Blog Buddy!



4. Bloggers will submit their name, blog niche and links

5. I will create an organized list of the bloggers by category, age, and other interests

6. I will then assign a Blog Buddy to EVERYONE who has signed up and followed all four of the above steps (Yes, we will be checking) via the Facebook Group (Yes, you must join).

7. Introduce yourself and start your blogging interactions for your buddy! (Read the bio, blog and follow their links, and then continue to support each other during the assigned time.)

8. It’s up to you to collaborate and assist each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and of course, give help back. In whatever way you can and have time for. I suggest you connect on Facebook messenger or something similar to communicate privately. (You can still participate openly in the group also though, there’s TONS of helpful people here as a collective community!)



You will be assigned a Blog Buddy and you must then support your buddy, and they support you, daily.

This doesn’t mean you talk on the phone and take up each other’s time and life. For some there will be lots of good communication, for others, it will be the bare minimum. So here are the minimum requirements and responsibilities to your buddy.


Minimum Requirements 

  • You must assist your buddy with proofreading any *new posts they create (since your buddy assignment). You in return will have a proofer for your own content.
  • You must comment on each blog post for your buddy. In return, you will always have at least one comment on each post you create.
  • You must like and follow the three social platforms of your buddies choice (such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest). In return, your buddy will like, retweet, comment or share your content.
  • You must share at least one post a week of their content with your own followers. In return, you will have your content shared with your buddies followers.


(If you are assigned to an individual you do not wish to be partnered with, you may be reassigned within one week. Please contact a Group Admin for assistance)


Other ways you could choose to support your buddy:

  • Build a Referral Rewards Program Agreement (Example:  Send each other appropriate clients and sales for a small commision by referring them to your Buddy’s services or products)
  • Comment on old posts that have no or few comments.
  • Pin their content to Pinterest or join their Group Boards
  • Offer good feedback on how they can improve and offer your expertise
    Example: Your buddy is great at scheduling social media but could use your help with their layout code. Setting up a scheduled “meeting” to educate each other.
  • Join their Facebook Group or other online efforts and help them build their community by recommending your friends to them.
  • Join their newsletter and give them feedback on your experience.
  • Consider becoming a Patreon or Donating to their PayPay or crowdfunding efforts.




8/21/18: Lee has joined Ruth in collaboration of The Blogging Buddies Group and has launched the first program sign up. Currently accepting members to sign up NOW. The first assignment will be completed by September 2nd. You will be notified with the group to who your assigned buddy is.

8/31/18: Sign ups are now closed.

9/2/18: September Blog Buddies have been assigned! Please search #BBP for updates and check your email! OCTOBER SIGN UPS ARE NOW LIVE!


You can sign up now, here.


(It’s a Google Form, please sign in with your Google Account to fill out the form. If you do not wish to do this or don’t have a google account, send me an email.) You may EDIT your answers at any time during sign-ups (just go to the form signed in with the same Gmail account you originally used).



If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general recommendations specific to the program described here please comment below! (Address group suggestions directly to Ruth, the admin of Blogging Buddies.)

Are you excited?! I am! See you there!


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