All new buddies should read and respect what is written here. All disputes, issues, problems, suggestions, should come directly to me. Read this page thoroughly before you contact me further about the program. Here is the original Blog Buddy Program Introduction Page. 

You can now sign up for October there. At the end of Sept, we will have a vote on whether or not the next buddies will be for just October or Oct-Dec. Let me know your thoughts. (The votes from the form sign up were 50/50.)



Use this hashtag in our Facebook Group or Google+ Community to easily search for updates and prompts. If you post in relation to the program, PLEASE USE THE TAG! This will help me be able to better moderate this. Thanks!


Things To Keep In Mind, Please

Remember that this is a free program. To respect each other’s interests, blogs, knowledge, and especially each other’s time and freedom. Some people are busy, some are sitting with free time. Be honest about what you can and cannot do to help your buddy.

Each person that has signed up has a right to request another buddy if your assigned Buddy does not communicate or respond to the program within one week. If you find that you are assigned a person that you don’t think is your new best friend, I expect everyone to treat this as a business relationship and respect the programs minimum requirements, please. If you get no to very little reciprocation and need to be reassigned you may email me the details of your situation in a respectful and timely manner, before 9/10/18.


Notes on “Fairness”

This is a free program, I am not being paid to manage drama or disrespecting others. Any and all hateful, racists, or other bigotry will not be tolerated. Be respectful, kind, and helpful. And I will do everything I can to manage everyone in the program who needs assistance.

If you are not capable of the minimum requirements listed here and do not reciprocate interaction to your buddy. You will not be assigned a new buddy. You may sign up again after 30 days for any following programs.


Minimum Requirements 

  • You must assist your buddy with proofreading any *new posts they create (since your buddy assignment). You in return will have a proofer for your own content.
  • You must comment on each blog post for your buddy. In return, you will always have at least one comment on each post you create.
  • You must like and follow the three social platforms of your buddies choice (such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest). In return, your buddy will like, retweet, comment or share your content.
  • You must share at least one post a week of their content with your own followers. In return, you will have your content shared with your buddies followers.


Other ways you could choose to support your buddy:

  • Build a Referral Rewards Program Agreement (Example:  Send each other appropriate clients and sales for a small commision by referring them to your Buddy’s services or products)
  • Comment on old posts that have no or few comments.
  • Pin their content to Pinterest or join their Group Boards
  • Offer good feedback on how they can improve and offer your expertise
    Example: Your buddy is great at scheduling social media but could use your help with their layout code. Setting up a scheduled “meeting” to educate each other.
  • Join their Facebook Group or other online efforts and help them build their community by recommending your friends to them.
  • Join their newsletter and give them feedback on your experience.
  • Consider becoming a Patreon or Donating to their PayPay or crowdfunding efforts.


New Blogger?


If you are a new blogger, paired with a new blogger then please reach out to me and consider me a buddy too! I’ll be happy to help fill any gap for these pairs. Anyone that is in need of a new buddy, as described above and in your BBP Email, then I will also fill those buddy gaps if needed.


All questions and concerns can be addressed to me on Facebook messenger, or email. Please reply to the original email. I do have access to the pairs and original notes to better assist you all.




|| Lee Bowden ||




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