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Instead of filling up the sidebars with crazy social widgets (like I really want to, right). I’ve decided instead to fill a page with all of my social media feeds and fill you in on my schedule. So you can catch me in the act as I socialize on social media. Feel free to join me!   What’s My Schedule? Mondays – Motivating The Week with a New Blog Post!  It’s when I am guaranteed to launch a new blog post, sharing it to all of my social media platforms, and other blogs such as Tumblr and Bloglovin’. I spend theRead More

Blog With Lee || #blogwithlee

This is simply a page where you can learn about my collaboration opportunities for other bloggers. Search #blogwithlee to catch any and all announcements on @Luvlifewithlee social accounts. I follow everything, everywhere for those who I collaborate with. If the opportunities listed here are not of interest to you currently but you have another idea, please send me an email so that we can work together. I am currently reaching out and working with others more frequently. Thanks for your considerations!

Find Lee Bowden Online

This is a list of places you can find Lee Bowden online. With a passion for social media networking, she strives to be a helpful entrepreneur who is willing to collaborate, give good advice, and be a solid friend to many. You can find her active in many Facebook Groups and a number of social sites, which are all listed below.

Plan of Action

This is the Blog’s Plan of Action written in as much detail as I currently have in mind.   What’s the point of this blog? Find out here.   CURRENT BLOG GOALS   Audience  I am currently writing to those who want to live a happier, healthier lifestyle who are living with a baby or partner. And other bloggers like myself, who are passionate about working from home, entrepreneurship, small business, and living their own life of financial freedom. Goals: + Over 100 views a month.   Following Currently, I am expanding my reach heavily on Facebook, YouTube, & Pinterest. IRead More


  I have a growing collection of home videos on YouTube now. I never script my videos, you just get raw, real Lee Meat for your Video Lunch. Sorry guys, it’s homemade. And I’m not a good cook. So I hope my videos are better? See for yourself, you can find all the related blog post videos, and then there are the Playlists. And they’re mostly just clips of my daughter CJ and her development. It’s been an amazing journey to capture so far. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss her next big move!

Privacy Policy

I will always to my very best to be compliant to all laws and conditions of privacy. I have personally written this copy to attempt to personalize and be as honest as possible. Please first read the Blog Disclaimer page. This blog uses Affiliate marketing as an income. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer and view all links used within the site.   If you have questions, or you feel I have made an error please contact me!  LovingLifeWithLee @ Gmail .com | @luvlifewlee   Analytics I use Google Analytics to track website views and visitors indirectly. I use the dataRead More

Work With Me

I have an assortment of services I can offer you. As well as some opportunity for mutually beneficial relationship building. Eventually, I will be building a referral network for online bloggers, coordinated within a Facebook Group. To be honest, you can really get to know me here. It’s where I dive deep, get personal and while you’re helping to support my journey, I can be there for yours too.   All inquiries can go the following email with an appropriate subject: lovinglifewithlee [ @ ] g mail [.] com  I will ignore spam and do not appreciate solicitation outside of my “social circle”Read More