How I Use Energy To Help Others Empathically | Part 3 | [Episode 5 of the Vlog Diary]

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Empathy & Energy

What I have learned to do is openly take in the energy from someone. Usually, they are close or dear to me, but not always. Sometimes it’s a complete stranger that triggers me in knowing my “service” is needed. There are a few ways that I know of, that makes this easier for me to transfer energy because people with high energy give off too much at once and I have to process it quickly and tune into a certain frequency. Others give off such low energy that I have to be almost touching then to feel it fully. (IfRead More

My Breastfeeding Journey Update From 6 to 9 Months Old Baby

I’m finally proud to say that Breastfeeding is now comfortable for me. Even with my baby having 8 teeth in, I have a lot less pain associated with breastfeeding now. I’ll explain a little bit about how our breastmilk vs formula journey has progressed also, as I still struggle with a low supply compared to other moms out there. And finally, the biggest question in determining whether or not we can continue our breastfeeding journey… Can we get her to sleep without the breast?  

The 4 Stages of Blogging

A simple guide for understanding the stages of blogging. With some great infographics, you can easily see what stage of blogging you are in and what to do next.        Stage 1 of Blogging is Beginning to Blog (for real) Focus on writing content and making good blogging habits. Consistency is key, and that’s where most beginners to astray for a while. Prepare your blog for the long haul as much as you can by creating a create website, design, and brand that will stand up to your reputation as a blogger and writer. Focus on finding yourRead More

My Business & Blogging Background Story

I’m going to explain a little bit of my blogging background and how it relates to my small business, marketing, and social media background story. I want to begin to share how my life has led me to create my online blogging business your reading from today.      My Business Background Story The Early Years of My Business & Marketing Experience In my early high school years, my only experience working was in my grandparents home office for their carpet cleaning business. They had just one truck and one technician. They still had a paper trail of my grandmother’sRead More