Blogger Recognition Award

Celebrating my first blogging award, I’ve been recognized by a fellow blogger. I was recently nominated by Vicky of Crunchy Leaves & Sunsets for the Blogger Recognition Award. Here’s my post to support that nomination, and do my part. I’m honored to receive my first “award” as a blogger as I proudly write this post describing my journey of this blog, Loving Life With Lee. As I enter into the challenge of Blogtober tomorrow, I thought I’d start it off with a bang. Oh, and a few tips. Following the Rules of Blogger Recognition Give thanks Write a post forRead More

Blogging Buddy Program

I’ve always been a fan of Referral Rewards Programs, especially in small businesses. I’ve been trying to think about ways the Blogging Community can work together on a more personal, day to day basis. Sign up here and be assigned a Blog Buddy in September! Join our Facebook Group The Blogging Buddies! Even if you don’t sign up for the program today! It’s a great place to make friends with yiur fellow bloggers, ask for help, and build your reputation as a blogger. Hurry up! The first buddies will be assigned for September but sign up CLOSES on the 8/31stRead More

Referral Program

So here’s ‘whats up’ with the Referral Program. It’s really just an idea I’ve had in my head for a long time. But I love lists and I love following other bloggers, and I have a thing for Referral Programs. Especially in small business, Referral Programs are helpful because if there’s something that you can’t help your client with, knowing who can. Is just as good as helping them yourself. Building a relationship with other close niche businesses can lead to futher client reach. And builds trust and good reputations. I want to start a Referral Directory of Bloggers. Their website, niche,Read More

Support Me

If your a friend, follower or fan please consider supporting me and my blogging journey. There’s a variety of ways listed here that you can do that would really help me out. Subscribe & Have A Voice Subscribe to the blog via email and social media accounts. Help me by liking, following, and sharing of course. But more importantly, comment and share your stories. I want to hear your part too guys. Give me something to dig into. And any constructive criticism you may have is welcome. Become a Patreon If you really love my content and want to supportRead More