• My Quest for Joy In Everyday Life
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    My Quest to Find Joy In Everyday Life

    It’s ironic really that I have a blog called “loving life” and even though I tell myself I love my life, that is not enough! Experiencing joy entails that you do things in your everyday life that bring you to that warm, happy feeling of excitement, that is true joy every day! What to join me on my quest to find joy in everyday life?   For the last several months, my husband has been telling me that he “wants me to be happy”! After a while, it was so frustrating to argue with him that I was okay! I was happy! I couldn’t reassure him enough how much I…

  • Let Go Of What You Think You Know
    Living Life With Purpose

    Let Go of What You Think You Know

    What do you think you know but don’t actually know from your own experience?  What I’m going to discuss with you today is a bit of the battle between our human existence in a physical place that has laws, rules, systems, and policies. It’s truly up to your mind to decide what is real to you, and what is lost to subconscious interactions that are forgotten over time.   Time Is Not A Universal Law – Or is it?   An unknown truth is that the universe, god, the world, whatever you call the higher power, it does not lead a physical existence. Which means that it is not bound…

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    Think About What You Want, or That Which is “Good”

    By thinking about what you want, it enters our subconscious, which may or may not surface into conscious thought. If you allow your thoughts to remain conscious and think about that intensely. Then you will attract those things to which you are thinking. If you are to change your life you must attract what you want. The secret to your own success lies within understanding your strengths first as a human, then as a unique human.   To think about your thoughts is to be conscious.  To make decisions for your life is to have a will. To influence your life, you must use empathy. And to practice empathy, you…

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    The 3 Traits That Make Us Unique 3D Humans

    In other posts after this one, you will hear me refer to this belief: The Law of Attraction. If you believe it will be. What will be will be. And what is, is only as it is as you perceive it to be. Just because you perceive it does not mean it exists as it is, it simply means it did for a moment long enough for you to create a possibility of it being. The moment that you believed to perceive it. And so it is.  I know I’m getting ahead of myself but let’s get this “being human” part, out of the way so that we can progress:…

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    The Only Thing Keeping Me From Living My Life With Purpose Is Standing Still!

    I have come to a point in my life where I need to start revealing more on the topic of Loving Life With Purpose. This is for you as much as it is for me, so let’s get started. Because uncovering a topic such as this does not come lightly. It hits deep, deep within and I want to make sure we start off these posts in the right way. I mentioned in my first Dear Blog Buddy letter to Vicky (of CLAS, a mindful lifestyle blogger) earlier this week that I believe in terms such as Intention, Law of Attraction, the Power of Belief. If you were to look…

  • Honey I'm Tidying is a series of posts about my organizing journey
    Getting Life Organized

    Finding Joy In Folding Clothes This Weekend As I Learn to Tidy Up! | Episode 8 of Lee’s Vlog Diary

      My motto is a, “A little bit every day is more in every way.” Or, at least, it was last year. As I progress through this white winter. After a major move late summer into early fall. I’ve been struggling for years to find it within myself to be clean and organized. As I began my pregnancy a messy person, I had a new determination for change and to downsize what we had. I did okay getting through all the stuff for the move, as we left a lot and threw out a ton. We still have loads left. The difference now is, with the big house we rented…

  • Living Life With Purpose,  Self Love,  Vlog Diary | 2019

    A Reminder of The Importance of Self Care – I’m Quiting… | Episode 7 of Lee’s Vlog Diary

      In this vlog, I give a short update about what I’m doing for self love. After an emotional week, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been slackin’ on the self love and self care. As I embrace the change in my life, and drop a “bad” habit of smoking cigarettes. This is as much an update as it is a reminder for me, and a report of my goals in the coming months! Channel Goals Reach 100 Subscribers by the end of March so that I can: Use thumbnails for videos Get a URL name Start to pretty these up with a nice format for all my viewers and subscribers!…

  • My Birthday & Blogging Craze | Episode 4 of Lee Bowden’s Vlog Diary
    Living Life With Purpose,  Vlog Diary | 2019

    My Birthday & Blogging Craze | Episode 4 of Lee Bowden’s Vlog Diary

    In this vlog episode, I talk about how I finally got out and did something fun with the hubby for my birthday! But is January over yet?! I’ve been really motivated lately to blog and yet, I’m realizing how important prioritizing my tasks so that I can live a life of purpose! I have so much planned for this channel, my blogs, and and and. This is just the beginning! Thanks for watching & subscribing. I’ll upload something new for you on Friday! Channel Goals Reach 100 Subscribers by the end of March so that I can: Use thumbnails for videos Get a URL name Start to pretty these up with a nice…