Mars is Letting Go to Let Love In for Venus

Mars is our ruler today and he is just entering the Sagittarius energy as of Sunday, still at 1 degree Sagittarius this afternoon. Yesterday we mentioned that Pallas and Vesta were both in Fire Energy, on the opposing ends of the Kite shape. Today we see this come into full opposition between the North Node and Pallas. As well as the opposition of the Moon to Venus, Chiron, and Lilith in Pisces that was mentioned […]

Dear Blog Buddy, Mindful Update from the Woods

Vicky!  I can’t even begin to thank you for how much you have inspired me as a human, blogger, and friend. I have been going through so much emotionally, and it really started with this mindfulness talk on your blog: See, I do this thing with topics that I find interesting. I will read a history book and a book of lore and read them as equals. I will read science journals and spiritual […]

Finding Joy In Folding Clothes This Weekend As I Learn to Tidy Up! | Episode 8 of Lee’s Vlog Diary

Honey I'm Tidying is a series of posts about my organizing journey

  My motto is a, “A little bit every day is more in every way.” Or, at least, it was last year. As I progress through this white winter. After a major move late summer into early fall. I’ve been struggling for years to find it within myself to be clean and organized. As I began my pregnancy a messy person, I had a new determination for change and to downsize what we had. I […]

Youtube Channel

Welcome! My Youtube Channel is mostly a Vlog in which I tell you how my life is going and what changes I’m making in my own life. I do this to document and display my life openly and find it very theraputic to do so!  There will be a day soon where including more of my life with my daughter and husband as our life develops. Here you can find the most recently uploaded video […]

Privacy Policy

I will always to my very best to be compliant to all laws and conditions of privacy. I have personally written this copy to attempt to personalize and be as honest as possible. Please first read the Blog Disclaimer page. This blog uses Affiliate marketing as an income. Read the Affiliate Disclaimer and view all links used within the site.   If you have questions, or you feel I have made an error please contact […]

Work With Me

This page outlines all the ways that you can support the success of this blog, as well as my other skills and projects. There is also information about what work I am open to currently including Guest Posting both on this blog, and for others who are looking for guest authors. As well as what kind of sponsored or affiliate partners I would be interested in. You can send inquiries to based upon the […]

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Greetings fellow humans. I’d like to explain my view on affiliate marketing used within this blog. A list of my active affiliate links can be found at the bottom of this page. When you click an affiliate link, you will be taken to the third party site to purchase a product. I gain a small commission at no cost to you.   I will not recommend or suggest products I do not wholeheartedly use myself! […]

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Greetings to my audience and the general public. I am going to outline this blogs disclaimer, terms of use and more. I am the author and content creator for this blog, Loving Life With Lee. Currently, I am writing a lot of content that may be considered psychological, emotional and philosophical. In no way am I a student or professional in any of these studies. I also have no schooling in business, technology or astrology. […]