It’s important to me that everyone feels like there’s hope. There’s help out there. Everywhere. All you have to do is believe that help is there. And then, accept that help when it comes to you.   I’m going to throw up the resources real quick so there at the top. Then I’m going to dig deep here. Because even if just one person reads this whole page, then my work here is done.   Suicide Hotline   Addiction Helpline   Psychological Help   Medical Assistance   Complaints   Please address any legal complaints by written submission to afterRead More

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General Info About the Loving Life With Lee Blog Greetings fellow humans! Hey that’s me by the way. Hi, my name is Lee! You’ll see this welcoming phrased used here because it’s honestly how I feel. I’m here as the author of this blog to write about loving life. Im here to share all aspects of my life with a partner, with a baby, with friends and more. Launched in April 2018, this blog aims to provide you with thoughts and ideas about how to live a more loving, happy life. This is also a passive income for me andRead More