I’d like to share with you how to make a routine when you’ve never had one before! If I can do it, so can you! The first thing that I have to admit so that I am a procrastinator and before getting pregnant, a seriously disorganized person. I didn’t follow a set schedule and I preferred not to. Ask anyone of my personal friends and they’ll agree that Bowden and I both like to go with the flow. He says he likes to set a plan and prepare for it, but rarely does.

Since becoming pregnant, I’m kind of a different person in the way of being at least MORE organized. Instead of making a to-do list and losing it. I actually check those lists and work to accomplish the things on them. Sure, there are big things that sty on the list for quite a while, but I also get to check off and feel good about all the little things I get done.

After all, “All little bit every day is more in every way?”

So here’s the big shocker I realized after having the baby.

👨‍👩‍👧 CJ is currently 4 months old.

You actually do have daily routines naturally. You just haven’t realized it because, maybe like me, you’ve never thought about it or tried to change it.

It can be simpler than you think to notice these natural routines by answering a few simple questions…

What do you do every morning without fail and what time is that? (Ex: brush teeth and hair, get coffee or tea, greet pets)

What do you do in the afternoon to eat lunch, and what other tasks do you do around this time?

As evening comes around and you can think about relaxing, what does the best evening look like? (Ex: when do you get to sit with your partner, read a book or sit down for some Netflix)

So maybe even after just reading the questions and thinking about them for a second, you realize there are things you do every day around the same time The next part is to actually take note of those times of the day and figure out how long they take. If you work for a living then you have a large section of the day when you’re simply At Work. So it may be easier for you because you may only have a few hours of each day to create a schedule with to manage your Other Tasks outside of work.

Is there an app for that? Why yes there is!

I really love the Time Block way of looking at things. Instead of using my regular Callander on my phone, I use an app to create a routine using Time Blocks. I currently am using TimeTune from the Google Play Store.

I started by creating a routine for every day, guessing as to what times I’d like to do things from the time I’d (like to) get up on the morning with the baby, to the time I get baby to sleep, and then my regular bedtime.


Making Sense of Chores & Things

Back to me being a natural at losing track of time and procrastinating. I realize that I’m not going to want to do laundry every day, so when I’m making my routine at this point, I’m keeping the blocks open-ended such as To Do Time/Baby’s Nap Time, Meal Time, and Chores. How I delegate what I will do within that block that day is somewhat open-ended.

I went a step further and created a themed weekly chores list.

I started by making one Boss List of Shit I have to do every week. Then I broke that list up into more themed days.

So on Monday I know it’s the day we go see CJs Grandma. Grandma watches and plays with her while I work on writing blog posts. Then Tuesday during any chance I get I do House Chores. (I work within my To Do time blocks during knap times mostly, unless the live-in Grandpa has her for me.) I keep Weird Wednesday open. This is the day I try to schedule appointments, outings, or relaxation. But on Thursday, I use those same blocks to get my online business stuff done. Friday is a day for preparation of the weekend & shopping. I use the time blocks to prepare the house for our weekend project or outing. Packing bags, doing laundry, cleaning out a room, whatever needs to be done to free up our weekend with the Husband/Daddy.

Granted there are exceptions to every rule. Such as getting CJ’s diapers done for the next day. I don’t consider this laundry though, in my mind it’s a baby duty. One that, like anything for her, I do as soon as I need to. And if my hands are full in that moment, I ask for help. Because she is the priority over every house chore, every business task and anybody else’s requests for me.

Here is what the baby’s routine has become.

We have a lazy, relaxed morning when she wakes up at 7 AM (if she wakes up earlier I still don’t turn on the lights, I just bring her to bed with me). Then she has her morning nap from 9-10AM. When she wakes up it’s time to play! We do toys, tummy time and all kinds of fun things! Her long nap is from 12-2PM every afternoon and then we go outside for a while (an hour if weather allows). After her last nap at 4-5PM, we always listen to music when dad gets home! Until the bedtime routine starts around 6-6:30. It wasn’t an exact routine it was more like a daily flow. Nowadays (she’s 4 months right now) and she loves me for our routine!


“Okay, so I have a time block routine to follow every week… Now what?”

My main tips for actually integrating your new found routine is to take it easy. Understand that if you’ve tried to change a lot about your natural routine then you’ve done it wrong. The point of this post is to realize what you’re already doing with your time and be mindful of how you already manage your time.

Anything new you may have added should be well thought out in when and where it’s done within your day to be the easiest for you to incorporate.

Set up notifications through the app or your own phone clock at Prime Times Only. Such as 9 am wake up, 12 pm lunch, 3 pm get shit done time and 7 pm warning to start cooking dinner.

Why not set an alarm at every new block of time you ask? Because that’s obnoxious and unnecessary. You may need some kind of reference so that time doesn’t totally escape you. Your body naturally has a time management system. You just don’t realize it yet. Train your body to notice the sun in the sky and things that trigger you, even as simple as noticing what time the mailman goes by every day. Ours is about 1 pm, the dogs bark at him if he gets too close to our house. (Through a high fence, no worries.)

After a week or so of the new schedule you probably can turn off the notifications and alarms because hey, you have established a routine now. Just like that. I hope your as amazed as I am at how much can get done in a day, in a week, when you have a set time to be able to do them.

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