Greetings fellow humans. I’d like to explain my view on affiliate marketing used within this blog. A list of my active affiliate links can be found at the bottom of this page.

When you click an affiliate link, you will be taken to the third party site to purchase a product. I gain a small commission at no cost to you.


I will not recommend or suggest products I do not wholeheartedly use myself! I only market to products that I love and have a positive impact on my life.


I choose affiliate marketing as a passive income because I would be writing to suggest the product regardless of the commission. Thus, not all products within this blog am I an affiliate for. There are plenty of suggested resources and services that I do not gain commision from. But I just LOVE to pieces and will mention for you!


But why not get a small cash bonus for creating content on would have created with or without the commission!? Right?


All you have to do to support my blog is to thoroughly read my reviews and suggestions before making a decision to purchase from my links provided on the blog. If you feel I have influenced your buying decision, I would LOVE for you to choose to use my link for your purchase. Again, there’s no upsell or change in price of the product! Thanks!

Affiliate Marketing Disclaimer

I am not responsible for any other websites other than my own. So any and all issues with orders, payments and otherwise, need to be discussed with their customer support. I am not responsible for any properties, products, service, personal information or payments from third-party providers. (Although, I would appreciate knowing you feel the product or service recommended is faulty! As it may discourage me from recommending them. See Info Page. Thanks!)


I hope that you find my views on these affiliates helpful, affordable and as pleasant to your life as they have been in mine.


Thanks for using my affiliate links and being a supporter of my journey through blogging.


I promise that I will never suggest products for the sole purpose of the commission. Although this blog is a source of income for me and I will always appreciate your support by purchasing from my links throughout the site.

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