I have been writing since I was 13 years old. I’ve always had a secret passion for it, and this may surprise you (or not). If you know me personally than you know my love for people.

The overall niche of this blog probably suites me well, right? Life with a baby, a lover, and other people.

That being said some might worry about being caught within the lines of this blog. What does she think of me and my story? Will she deliver my secrets to the public?


No, never.


With that said, if your a part of my life then your a part of my story. Particularly my family. I have no intentions of telling your story. You influence my life, my time, and my thoughts. I promise to not display any story that is not my own.


With that being said… Haha


Do not attempt to find yourself within the lines of my posts, that is not fair to yourself. Especially because this is not always current opinions or realities. In fact, I try hard to NOT write about things that are going on in my life, romantic or friendships are kept quiet. I might work on a single post for months in the process of writing content. So, you’ll have an easier time reading between the lines of my personal Facebook page of you want to stalk me.


Which I also keep private. I don’t accept friends on Facebook that I do not know personally. That’s why I have the Public Page under my alias, Lee Bowden. (Which isn’t really an alias at all I know.)

I even keep my daughter’s real name concealed under the Nickname CJ here. I hope that you do the same when you leave comments *** PLEASE!

I always tag her photos # so that I can keep track of her online footprint closely. Please contact me for more info is you are posting pictures of her on social media. Thank you.


Anyways. I display my works to you, my friends and family, because I am not ashamed of it.


I’m a proud blogger who’s looking to make a difference in people’s lives. Including yours. So take this blog as a reader. Not my friend. But my general audience. Because this is the goal to me, as the author. Is to create content about loving life. And all it encompasses. From my perspective.


If you feel you have been mislead or have any strong opinions then you know me well enough to know that I’m down to talk about it. So I ask that you respectfully send me the post that has bothered you and we can discuss it further.


Please read my Official Blog’s Disclaimer thoroughly, as well as the Privacy Policy.

(See the bottom of ANY PAGE on the blog.)

If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, please start your education by reading my Affiliates Page. Basically, I get a small commission from Amazon for recommending products. Eventually, I will branch out to other programs, and do sponsored posts for companies to earn more.


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If you’re interested in starting your own blog, then definitely find me on Pinterest and contact me. I’ll be happy to help!


Thanks for reading fellow human. I hope you enjoy the loving content you find here.

Love always,

Lee Bowden 💛

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