It’s important to me that everyone feels like there’s hope. There’s help out there. Everywhere. All you have to do is believe that help is there. And then, accept that help when it comes to you.


I’m going to throw up the resources real quick so there at the top. Then I’m going to dig deep here. Because even if just one person reads this whole page, then my work here is done.


Suicide Hotline


Addiction Helpline


Psychological Help


Medical Assistance




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“Do you need Help?”


There really is some terrible stuff going on in the world. When you read my blog you probably shake your head at me, as like, one of the most optimistic people, ever. I get it though guys. Life isn’t happy sometimes. Sometimes you need help.


The struggle is real mammals, the struggle is real.


If you are struggling, then I am asking you right now to be real with yourself. That’s what this blog is really about. Asking the questions and finding out the answers for ourselves. All I’m trying to do here is express my knowledge, sharing my experiences. Displayed in a way that makes you think. Well, at least that’s my goal here.


To make you think and feel.


And if your feeling right now: low, anxious, suicidal or numb. Please seek help. Whether it’s first from your closest friends, or a hot line listed on this page or a family member. Get help from those who care.


And sometimes, dare I say most times? That help may not be people you know yet. Be open to those who offer you help. There are extremely special people making a difference on people’s lives. And they will seek you out to help you, when you need it most.

But if you go seeking help…


Remember to accept the help that is offered to you!


Connect with People!


If your seeking a way to connect with others then follow my Facebook page. I post questions about life very often, and it can be a good kind of therapy to share your story/answer. Then also being able to read other people’s stories and their lives. Sometimes just that in and of its self is helpful. To know your jot alone and relate to others and how they dealt with it.

The page offers a cool experience of connecting with others. It’s about solving problems and sharing. Who knows maybe you’ll meet your next long distance friend!


I just got here and I want to know more!


Take a look at the Resource Library. It’s packed full of all the resources I use to shape my philosophy, psychology, astrology, and behavioral post content. As well as generally awesome sites and articles that I think everyone should know about!


You can read my bio for more details on me and my history. Or follow me on social media!


“No, no darling I want to help you!”


Well thanks! If your looking to support me, please consider becoming a Patreon or visiting my go fund me. I’m a struggling local photographer with a dream. Not just a blogger mom.


“Help! I want dreads!”


Well lucky for you I’m good for that too. Check this out! (link to dread site announcements)

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