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My ultimate goal is to provide you a large variety of resources and data so that you can find your own way to find healing, love, vitality, and abundance in your everyday life.

Throughout the blog, there are tons of Recommended Sources and Related Posts to discover. This page is a massive list of the most influential sources of information, both spiritual and scientific.

This Blog focuses through a lens of loving and living, towards to path of love and light. Through the thickest and most troublesome of trauma is a greater understanding of the purpose of your experiences.

Esoterically we might begin to better understand our world, culture, ancestry, DNA, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health as the micro-macro world of number, symbol, shape, and sound. We have but our senses to bring harmony and balance to our own reality. You can not change the world but you can join it and live in it. In which you would become again a part of it, able to embrace the natural order of movement and cycles.

The scientists that have proven the body-mind, emotional intelligence, body and DNA languages, chemistry, electronic fields, and frequencies. Through so many various medical and spiritual practices that we know we create our reality through the veil of perception in which we can better associate ourselves with being conscious and connected.

Any links with an * will open in a new window as an Amazon Affiliate link. The books listed here are books that I have read, use, and love beyond measure. You may recognize these names and book titles throughout this website, as some serve as the Core Wellness practices and study.

Links with an ~ will open in a new window as an affiliate link, most likely through ShareASale. I have a partnership with a variety of stores that I have specifically chosen to support the healing available through natural means including but not limited (use upon only your own discretion upon further research): Including Crystals, Essential Oils, and other personal care products or supplies. Some of my favorite and thus most common are:

  • Energy Muse – A well organized and useful shop for crystal healing supplies such as bracelets, stones, and kits for natural energy health
  • Throwin Stones – Raw crystals, rocks, and minerals harvested by hand with care
  • Amrita Aromatherapy – Holistic Healing Essential Oils

Leading Scientists and Their Best Books

Dr. Candace Pert | Book: Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

A true inspiration who radically changed my life when I finally finished the Molecules of Emotion. Understand what emotions are and how they influence my body while journeying through the life of a woman scientists on the bring of the Age of Aquarius. With her appearance, among the others listed here, in the film What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole – I was invited and welcomed into the world of Quantum Physics. Then her second book came out and I knew someday my full understanding would come in and here I am – writing this blog about this very science. To say the least, I highly recommend her talks, books, and Biography story.

Dr. Joe Dispenza | Book: Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon *

An inspiring Chiropractic Doctor and Mental Health Speaker, you can find is a highly advanced understanding of neuro and biological health through the mind.

Gregg Braden

Donna Eden & Dr. David Feinstein | Book: Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality *

The primary source of Energy Medicine taught for complete energetic health and vitality. This blog repeatedly references the chapters and practices from this source alone. Detailing the chakras, meridians, seasons, and rhythms of subtle and radiant circuits.

Taking her course is the ultimate goal of all Patreon Supporters! Help me reach these goals here!

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