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T halls for checking in. You must want to know more? Let’s start here, it’s my “hello, this is me” page.


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You are most likely landing on this page because of my Facebook Description and have questions about the Psyche Posts shared on my page. These writing prompts are meant to be commented so that you can share your opinion and story. There are very simple rules for these posts.

  1. You may comment on new or old posts
  2. You may comment on other comments shared
  3. You must stay within Facebook’s guidelines & regulations (no nudity, etc.)
  4. You must refrain from derogatory, offensive and rude language when communicating with other followers on my page. I reserve the right to remove or block anyone for unacceptable behaviors.
  5. You must comment based upon the post’s topic, theme or prompt. Random personal comments, photos, GIFS, and stories unrelated to the select topic may be removed. (Please message me privately if you have a personal comment or story to share with me!)

If you are visiting this page because you wish to Report rules being broken on my Facebook page, please send me a Message on Facebook with the post Link and the Name of the Abuser. Thank you for reporting these to me right away, as I have no problem with confrontation. I will take action immediately upon viewing your message and will respond to you when the issue is addressed.

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You may find our social media @luvlifewithlee on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Stumble Upon. I am not currently active on any other profiles such as Google+, Instagram or Snapchat.

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