So here’s ‘whats up’ with the Referral Program.

It’s really just an idea I’ve had in my head for a long time. But I love lists and I love following other bloggers, and I have a thing for Referral Programs.

Especially in small business, Referral Programs are helpful because if there’s something that you can’t help your client with, knowing who can. Is just as good as helping them yourself. Building a relationship with other close niche businesses can lead to futher client reach. And builds trust and good reputations.

I want to start a Referral Directory of Bloggers.

Their website, niche, and contact info can be found here. Along with current offers and promotions, experience and expertise. Contact me if interested in being the first listed here!




Thank you for finding me on Patreon! I hope you have considered being a part of this with me.


If you’d like to discuss this with me further, please email me directly at :

luvlifewlee [@] gmail

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