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I am a naturally sensitive to energy and draw on my intuition and understanding of a wide variety of knowledge and understanding to guide others into a healthier, happier life of self-love and social acceptance, and vital wellbeing!

A self-studied Student of Life, I have devoted much of my life to Astrology, body-mind science, mental psychology, and the emotional development of personal and social identity.

I’m here to help people find their light, love their life. To find gratitude and grace, so that we all can live a more abundant, forgiving, and successful life here on our amazing planet. One of the ways I can do that is to offer spiritually intuitive, educationally oriented readings using cards, symbols, and Astrology. 

My intention for any reading is always towards the light, knowing the truth, understanding, and unconditional love of self and all others. Anyone that receives guidance from me in these readings is encouraged to have an open mind and love of self.

Take anything that resonates and dismissing any information that doesn’t seem right to you. Much of this is spiritually intuitive, although my education is grounded in science and years of study and practice. 

It shouldn’t surprise you to be provided intuitive recommendations or assimilations to psychology, interpersonal healing messages, mythical stories, synchronicities, or recognizing karmic patterns when concerning ourselves with Universal Energy through Astrology, Oracle Art and Classic Tarot.


More Information About Lee’s Readings

I am not a medium or channeler. I am not a “psychic”, seer, or prophet. Truth is we are all connected and provide ourselves inner wisdom based on our current perceptions of our own inner world delusions. Sometimes you need to be ‘told’ how the Universe is perceiving your life direction so that you can better align to your life’s path by deciding your direction from within yourself.

I am a student of the stars, philosophy, sacred arts, and spiritual teachings, ancient mythological and biblical history, and dedicated to the science of mind, emotions, thoughts and quantum physics. Keeping this in mind, I hope to use my own connection to Spirit, Universe, and Self to help guide others into their life’s purpose, self-love, and connection to the universal connection of life.


Sometimes we just need someone familiar with the environment, the universe, the spirit, stars to look up and say,
“North is that way. I don’t know how you’ll get there, but I know that your divine light is shining brightly. Can you see it? Can you feel it?


How I Use My Self Healing Database and Spiritually Guided Databases

Check out my Patreon Page for full access to either of these Databases! You can then utilize all the information that I have gathered that allows me to perform these readings more intensely and accurately from my countless hours of study and data collection from many of the books listed in my Library here.

Soon I hope to offer more emotional readings to help guide others through Self Healing. By using motivational sounds or communication, the sight of images through cards, and scientifically sound healing through the scent of essential oils, and touch via message, energy holding and even carrying crystals or stones. I am currently undergoing spiritual healing initiations for guidance.


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Legal Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional in medicine, psychology, or speaking. I claim no power or responsibility for your interest, interaction, or creation. I am working intuitively and intelligently from a place of Love, Light, and with the Highest intention to Help Heal Emotional Wellbeing through Conscious Thought.

Full Disclosure: MY READINGS ARE GENDERLESS, UNBIAS, AND BASED IN UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – IN LIGHT OF SPIRIT AND SCIENCE. I will not judge your character within any belief, religion, race, gender, sexuality, or any other society based label of identification. I resonate and have researched all major religions, philosophies, histories, cultures, and beliefs across the globe to some degree. I find Beauty in Every Truth of Every Lesson because at the end of every story there is a conclusion of Love and Honor. I am self-educated in emotional awareness and release, psychology, mythology, ancient texts, religious texts, energy, astrology, geometry and mathematics, history, theology, philosophy.



$10 Universal Life Reading

15-20 minute audio recorded Oracle Reading, with a picture of the cards pulled in the reading, along with a written note with key highlights discussed in the audio recording 

For this reading, I currently use an Astrology deck (Universe), Inspirational Deck (Spirit), and Classic Tarot (Soul) dependent upon the answers provided in your form submission to “lead the reading”.


The goal for this Universal Life reading is always going to lead towards Love of Self and Connecting to the Universe in whichever direction is most natural to your life’s purpose at this current moment in time. I do not currently offer past life or relationship readings, nor am I a seer for future forecasting.

Please only act on the guidance provided in this reading if it feels absolutely right for you to do so to help yourself grow in love and light.

Select the $10 option from below to pay for this reading.

$20 Full Universal Astrology Reading ($10 Add On to the Basic)

If you want to extend the above Universal Life Reading to include additional information from your Natal Chart then I will include an additional 10 minutes to look deeper into your personal purpose within the universe  I highly suggest doing this, as it makes the reading 25-35 minutes for $20 and directly aligned to your universal blueprint, in application to your life right NOW. 

Select the $20 reading below to include this in addition to the above Universal Life Reading.


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Personal Natal Astrological Chart Interpretation – $25

Receive a 30-45 minute recorded audio of me breaking down your natal birth chart using Western Astrology, constellation myths and archetypes, and basic explanations of all the planets and houses. Starting with the first house, and making our way all the way around to the 12th I’ll explain the basics of what makes your time of birth so important to who you are in the universe at this time in history.

This does not include any card readings from Tarot or Oracle. I repeat this is not a card reading.
This is solely a basic, educational Natal Chart Interpretation.

If you are someone I know personally, I will record this reading as if I do not know you. Unless specifically speaking as your friend, this will be treated from an Astrological Point of View Only. As your friend, I will promise not to dig, pursue, or judge any of your current life positions, relations, or status in life with any bias. If you feel this will be difficult to transcend I am really open to talking to you before the reading to further clarify our boundaries if needed. Although I assure you I have You Personally At Heart. If you haven’t already please read this letter to my Family & Friend Readers 🙂 

In this way, I believe we are all connected. That we all carry and are influenced by the universes, planets, and the energy of each constellation is within us all. The stories matter to us in very different ways because of the complexity of time, distance, love, and light. Our natal charts, DNA, genes, all affect our energetic blueprint, psyche, and physical bodies.

What we can do is come to know what we can trust and understand what we can come to know. Ourselves.

I have spent over 10 years following and researching Astrology and Psychology, as well as the body-mind science of today. I have reviewed over 100 personal natal charts and that list is only growing.


1) Make Payment Via Paypal:


3) Check your email, your audio will be done within 24-48 hours
(Mon-Fri, if submitted on weekend expect email on Monday)


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