Universal Life Reading | 20 Minute Reading (using Astrology, Tarot, and Intuitive Oracle cards)

15-20 minute audio recorded Oracle Reading, with a picture of the cards pulled in the reading, along with a written note with key highlights discussed in the audio recording 


Universal Life Reading Purpose

The goal for this Universal Life reading is always going to lead towards Love of Self and Connecting to the Universe in whichever direction is most natural to your life’s purpose at this current moment in time. I do not currently offer past life or relationship readings, nor am I a seer for future forecasting, using oracles or astrology.

Read the full disclaimer here. Please only act on the guidance provided in this reading if it feels absolutely right for you to do so to help yourself grow in love and light.


Cards Used in this Reading

For this reading, I currently use an Astrology deck (Universe), Inspirational Deck (Spirit), and Classic Tarot (Soul) dependent upon the answers provided in your form submission to “lead the reading”.


Payment & Instructions

Select the $10 option from below to pay for this reading.

Reading Options


3) Check your email for your audio will be done within 4 to 48 hours
(Mon-Fri, if submitted on weekend expect an email on Monday)

4) If you’d like to leave me a testimonial or response from the reading, I’d love for you to share as a comment on this page. 🙂


Choosing the $20 Option will give you THE FULL UNIVERSAL ASTROLOGY READING EXPERIENCE (read more)

By submitting your natal birth time and place I will incorporate your own natal astrology aspects into the reading as well as 15-20 extra minutes to expand the recording to give you more detailed guidance. This 30-50 minute reading/natal interpretation can be quite personal, interesting, and detailed in its a message to help you find your purpose, point, and healing answers to troubles, struggles, and difficulties.


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Full Universal Astrology Reading $20

Natal Birth Chart Interpretation & Explanation $25

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