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    Protect Yourself From Projecting Negative Thoughts

    I think we all have a natural assumption about other people because of our highly functioning mind and body awareness. We can’t help but notice information about others and be sensitive to their energy, emotions, and expression. When it comes to being Judgmental against others, it’s a discussion about mental conflict of how we perceive our inner world, in comparison to other’s psychology. We can use feelings of being thankful, respectful, and having discernment without being judgmental. Anyone of us are allowed to have an opinion based off of their experience and beliefs, lessons, and ideas. No one has to agree or disagree with those things, as we each have…

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    Strengthen your Aura and Environment with These Crystals and Herbs

    Having a weak, fractured, choppy, or thin aura field means you are more more likely to be affected by the energies of others, both negative and positive. In this daily message, I have some tips about how you can clear your aura and environment with crystals and herbs.    Science has now measured the aura and our other energetic fields [1], which means we can see how our energy affected by our thoughts and feelings. When we have a strong aura we are within our own energy field and have plenty of space for our energy to expand, contract, move, and change. If our aura is not large enough, our…

  • Help Yourself Lighten the Load of a Heavy Heart
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    Help Yourself Lighten the Load of a Heavy Heart

    Every heavy heart has a fear of being abandoned or left behind. These are related to issues of abuse of any kind, including neglect. Every day we see relationships come together and fall apart, and this creates a lot of guard, resentment, and suppressed emotions. I am suggesting that Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Lavender Essential Oil may be able to help you heal from neglect, abuse, or other trauma.