• Be Mindful of Your Moments In time
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    Be Mindful of Your Moments In Time

    I have become so much more of a mindful person in the last few months! What started with Folding Clothes to Perfection, lessons in mindfulness has ended up being an amazing gift of appreciation for every moment in time. Expanding my awareness and living inside each moment. I’ll be honest, I get called out for being a bit of a “space cadet”, constantly checking in and out of reality. Thinking and listening to everything all at once. Off, in my own little world. Especially when life is moving and things are happening all around you, whether at work or school or home or out. You use your mind openly, to…

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    Empaths are Sensitive to Energy & Emotional Cycles

    As mentioned in my previous posts on Empathy, I have discussed my background in realizing that I was “empathic”. I want to fast forward to now and what I have learned through my experience of being an empath. This is one of those good and bad, blessing and a curse kind of posts. If your ready to begin to understand what being an empath means from an inner personal, psychological, scientific and spiritual perspectives are then this post is for you. Whether you identify “as an empath” or want to have more of an understanding of “empathic people”. I want to encourage you to also read this post: http://lovinglifewithlee.com/the-3-traits-that-make-us-uniquely-human  …