• Astrology As Alchemy

    Explore the Unknown Future Paths of Freedom | Jupiter in Sagittarius 23 Degrees

    Today is ruled by the expansive and jolly Jupiter, in the adventurous nature of Saggitarius at 23 degrees. Still very close to alignment with the Galactic Center Sun, we are feeling so much pressure to further explore ourselves, our lives, and our consciousness. Jupiter is very happy to be in it's home sign of the Hunter Orion, and fully intends to make his visit a lasting impression on the family. What are you bringing home to the family? I think this has a lot to do with our quickly expanding collective consciousness.  We might feel a little bit of cloudy and uneasy about the journey ahead in some ways as…

  • Astrology As Alchemy

    Go Deep to Find Truth Today | Mercury in Scorpio, in Trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius

    Today is Wednesday, ruled by Mercury the Mental Messenger and Healer, the closest to the Sorce of Light, our Sun. Right now Mercury is digging deeply into how we really feel about ourselves in Scorpio Energy. Being as sensual as Scorpio we can expect to desire to dig deeply into and with others also. Mentally we may feel very interested in emotional healing, even if you are one to normally avoid facing your own self in the mirror. Right now we have really interesting angles between both the Moon and Jupiter. Moon is also very emotional by nature, and Jupiter likes everything to grow and expand. We may be more…