• Why Blogging Is The Best Job Ever | Being a stay at home mom and a work from home wife are the most important roles in my life. || Loving Life with a blog, baby, and partner || #blogging #bestjobever #passiveincome #hardwork #stayathomemom #momlife #workfromhome
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    Why Blogging Is The Best Job Ever (To Me)

    Put simply, I am a stay at home mom blogger and work from home wife. The thing is though, it’s really not so simple at all. That still doesn’t mean it’s not the best job to me though. There are two important roles I play in my everyday life that I consider my highest responsibilities right now. And that’s being the best stay at home mom, and the bestwork from home wife I can be. For myself, for my daughter and for my husband. PERSPECTIVE || Like I wrote about in My Business & Blogging Background Story, I have ALWAYS have worked from home. I spent only a few years…

  • My Child's Birth, a positive hospital birth story! #childbirth
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    A Positive Hospital Child Birth Story

    This is an account of my positive and healthy birthing story of my daughter, CJ. This was a planned pregnancy, where her birth was at the hospital. Although my original (and adored) OBGYN Doctor was unavailable at the time of my birth, the hospital staff luckily took my Birthing Plan very seriously.   Perspective || This was originally written just a couple of days after her birth. I have since updated it to post here. Please note that her real name is hidden online for her own personal security, CJ is just a nickname.  I was diagnosed with a short cervix, which means I was at risk of preterm labor. Other…

  • choosing to remain in love
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    Choosing To Remain In Love

    I’m going to take a shot here and admit what I truly think is a key factor to being in a happy,  long-term relationship with any partner. Put simply, I believe that love is a choice and that you must consciously choose to remain in love.   That’s right, you read correctly. You choose to remain in love, each and every day.   There’s something to be said about your brain when you are in love. When you are in love with someone, you produce lovely peptides that grant you chemical boosts of love hormones and other chemical reactions. You also may experience pleasant emotions by being near or with…