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    Forgiveness of Self Causes Emotional Healing

    Dear Hugin and Munin,     During my self-healing journey, I have been on a mission to purge my life of everything that no longer serves a purpose in my future. I have been restoring my house and routines into order. As well as my mental space. This, my friends, was the hard part. A new kind of emotional awareness of my mental patterns started to take place. As I worked with my body’s energies, I started to really notice in my meditations where exactly where in my body, that I was hurting. When I drop into my own little world of calm and connected, I scan my body. I…

  • My Birthday & Blogging Craze | Episode 4 of Lee Bowden’s Vlog Diary
    Living Life With Purpose,  Vlog Diary | 2019

    My Birthday & Blogging Craze | Episode 4 of Lee Bowden’s Vlog Diary

    In this vlog episode, I talk about how I finally got out and did something fun with the hubby for my birthday! But is January over yet?! I’ve been really motivated lately to blog and yet, I’m realizing how important prioritizing my tasks so that I can live a life of purpose! I have so much planned for this channel, my blogs, and and and. This is just the beginning! Thanks for watching & subscribing. I’ll upload something new for you on Friday! Channel Goals Reach 100 Subscribers by the end of March so that I can: Use thumbnails for videos Get a URL name Start to pretty these up with a nice…