• Why to blog like a business by @luvlifewlee || Loving Life With A Blog || #blogging #business
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    Why to Blog Like It’s A Business

    We need to talk about blogging as a business because that is truly not the mindset that many new bloggers have. And this, my new friends, is what is going to bring you out on top. Plan your blog like you’d plan a business and you will go somewhere on the internet, and you will achieve an income doing so. A profit, steady growth, and hard earned cash can be accomplished in your blogging efforts. If you are going to create the content anyways, why not branch out and grow? Into a business. After reading this post, be sure to check out the Blog Buddy Program website, the first post…

  • I'm going to explain a little bit of my background in small business, marketing, and social media. Then I want to begin to share how this leads me to create my online blogging business your reading from. #blogging #business #luvlifewlee
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    My Business & Blogging Background Story

    I’m going to explain a little bit of my blogging background and how it relates to my small business, marketing, and social media background story. I want to begin to share how my life has led me to create my online blogging business your reading from today.      My Business Background Story The Early Years of My Business & Marketing Experience In my early high school years, my only experience working was in my grandparents home office for their carpet cleaning business. They had just one truck and one technician. They still had a paper trail of my grandmother’s work notes, scheduling notebooks, and invoice printouts. My father took…

  • 5 Apps That Help Me Run My Life As A Busy Blog Mom #bloglife #blogging #helpfulapp #evernote
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    5 Apps That Run My Life As A Blog Mom

    Today I want to highlight some technology since it’s Tuesday (inspired by #techtuesday). As a busy blog mom, I have a lot going on to say the very least. I’m going to review my top five favorite apps that help me to run my entire life. From house chores to organizing blog posts to getting ALL of my daily tasks DONE on time.   GETTING TO KNOW ME || I struggle to keep organized and clean. By nature, I not a very detail oriented person. I think big picture. I have found that starting big and working my way in works well for me. Keeping this in mind then, if…