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    The Red Dirt Road of the Root Chakra Energy Healing

    When I first started my self-healing journey, I noted that my primal Root Chaka was closed, and upon finding out that this was the sexual energy powerhouse. Well, let’s just say I agreed that this energy base was weak if not inactive. To say I have made progress in this chakra now is an understatement. I not only have an active Root Chakra, but I have much more healthy energy throughout my entire body. Today id like to share with you my own experience, reveal some of my own practice, thoughts, and resources on the Root Chakra and the Red Dirt Road of Self Healing. (Disclaimer: I am not a…

  • Living Life With Purpose,  Self Love,  Wellness

    My Dark Inner World & What I Learned About Unconditional Love

    Have you ever heard of the “Dark Night of the Soul”? Let’s be real and admit that I have been undergoing a hugely dark part of myself in recent months. I have undergone an extremely revealing mental battle within my own inner world and spirit. It has led me into a dark world of regret, anxiety, and ultimately confusion. In a previous post, I have mentioned that I have reached out to several people from my past and present to make amends, and this has served me well. Although it has not affected my current reality or friendships much yet, I still can’t help but notice the impact that facing…