I have a growing collection of home videos on YouTube now. I never script my videos, you just get raw, real Lee Meat for your Video Lunch. Sorry guys, it’s homemade. And I’m not a good cook. So I hope my videos are better?

See for yourself, you can find all the related blog post videos, and then there are the Playlists. And they’re mostly just clips of my daughter CJ and her development. It’s been an amazing journey to capture so far. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss her next big move!

Blog Specific Videos

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These are a collection of videos assorted by type. Most, as you can tell, are baby related. I’m the biggest fan of my daughter. But your welcome to watch as she grows, and grows, and grows. Because I’m going to be posting a lot of videos! (Too many to post on this page individually, that’s for sure.) See you there!


videos of life with a baby Vidoes of baby Milestones


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