• The Basics of Using Cloth Diapers. Anyone can do it, it's easy and super affordable. It'll save you thousands! Recommended products included for begin cloth diapers. || #clothdiapers #baby #luvlifewlee
    Loving Life With A Baby

    Using Cloth Diapers: The Experience, The Savings & The Recommended Supplies

    There are three things that can kill your everyday pocket when you have a child: clothing, formula (& then food) , diapers, and wipes. What we’re going to find out today is just how much money I’m saving by using cloth diapers. Along with all the perks of being green friendly, easy, clean and more. At the bottom of this post, I have a set of items that I suggest you start with that I’m going to call, The Diaper Bundle! Here’s everything I know and love about using cloth diapers!

  • How to tolerate people and deal with their issues. Everyone has flaws and sometimes it can be hard to tolerate other people. Let's talk about when you should and when you shouldn't tolerate people and their issues! #friendship #characterflaws #luvlifewlee
    Friends and Family,  Relationships

    How to Tolerate People and Their Issues

    One thing I get asked a lot is how I can tolerate people so much from the people in my life? I plan to answer that as simply as I can today. First of all, when I gain a new friend, someone I plan to get to know and spend time with: I expect them to be a long-term friend. Granted, there’s a difference between an acquaintance and a friend. So when I say friend, I always mean someone that I plan to be involved with long term. With that said I also expect them to have faults and for us to have differences. It makes people more enjoyable when you have a variety…