• The Truth About How I Discovered I Was An Empath p1
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    The Mind Control Games and the Old Memories That Revealed My Empathic Abilities | Part 1

    I have never before revealed on this blog that I believe myself to be an empath. Not to sound crazy or out of touch with reality, but to say that I feel other people and hear what they are saying. Is a complete understatement for me. I’ll explain as best as a I can, as briefly as I can, as an introduction before I spill a fairly large theory into the world I have about human energy. When I was in high school I had a few runaway friends whom I was probably too close with. A few of them started learning about mind manipulation and were actively practicing on…

  • The motto that changed my ways
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    The Motto That Changed My Ways

    I have this motto that brought me through this entire year. I’ve really struggled with being a clean and tidy person. This year I’m going to open up a bit about my past, my travels on the street. And in an effort to challenge myself, I’m going to admit some faults. I suck at putting things away because I don’t make homes for things I suck at replying to emails and notifications, and I never ever check my voice mail I don’t much care for cleanliness, I’m the opposite of a perfectionist These are just a few, as you can imagine the kind of person I am (the kind that…

  • coming back from hiatus
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    Coming Out of Hiatus

    Greetings Fellow Humans,  I write to you on another late night. There has been a lot of those lately. Remember that “do you want a blog buddy post” from September? I’ve been so busy I haven’t even taken down the post – but the idea has grown into a full membership website! I’m leading a team of fellow bloggers as we build the Blog Buddy Program! I have no regrets, taking this break from my own personal blog here. I’ve learned so much and it’s given me so much new perspective on blogging, business, and leadership! I’ve taken a whole new approach to my work life at home, now that’s…