Lee Bowden 2019I am Lee Bowden. A mother, wife, friend, and blogger. I write about loving life in every way. The blog motto is “One day at a time”.

The content here is mostly of interest to Bloggers, Parents, and those who are in pursuit of their Life Purpose. Common topics are going to be emotions, energy, mindfulness, consciousness, and well being. Considering there are topics pertaining to Partnership/Romance/Marriage, Friendship, and Networking nearly anyone could benefit from following along at this time.

I have a passion for helping other people and am always trying to connect and collaborate. Thanks for getting to know me!



Whether you were lead here because you saw that I am for hire, or whether you are a family member just wanting to keep up with me (read “to my family and friends”). Maybe you just stumbled into one of my posts floating around on social media. This blog is a bit of a personal journal, a quest of finding life purpose and order, and a loving perspective on relationships with other people. Ultimately it’s a place to post my skills and successes, thoughts and passions, failure and fortune in relation to loving life and unconditional love. Being the author of Loving Life with Lee is my dream job.


I’ve always loved to journal and write. As a young teenager, I wrote nearly every day on LiveJournal, as well as taught myself about building and maintaining websites for small businesses. As an adult, I always wanted to do two things. Own a business and run a blog!

And here I am, doing both! And it feels, Amazing! Thank you for following along, it means the world to me. Read about how you can Support Me in my journey here!



A Mother.

My focus right now is our baby girl nicknamed CJ, born in February 2018. I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mom! I never knew I wanted kids until I bet Bowden (2009). After nearly a decade I fell in love with babysitting my roommates newborn (2016) and it didn’t take long to get a bad (or good?) case of baby fever. My husband and I agreed to start a family and here we are, inside a whole new world as new parents in 2018! (Here’s our positive Birthing Story here.)



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A Wife.

My husband and I met in late 2009 and fell in love shortly thereafter. We spent many years growing up and traveling through life together. Finally, I got married to my best friend in June of 2015 and we couldn’t be happier.

We enjoy camping, hiking, playing with our dogs, Magic the Gathering, video games, puzzles and watching popular tv series such as Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. Our favorite movies include What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole and Disney’s Aladdin.



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[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] Series: Honey, I’m Tidying! – My struggle with stuff, and purging myself into a more tidy, well-kept lifestyle for myself and my family. Started early 2019 with the help and inspiration of the KonMari Method of Tidying.

A Friend.

We love to surround ourselves with friends and family, you’ll hardly ever find us with an empty house. We live with family, and two awesome dogs to keep us company, Penny, and Jax the Last Straw! Our reputation is one of an open home with open arms to anyone who needs a hug or some heartfelt support. By being the author of Loving Life with Lee, and the creator of the Blog Buddy Program, I get to encourage my readers to be a better friend themselves and explain how I manage my crazy social life. I am a seriously social person and have tried my hardest to be the best kind of friend a person can have. Through the good and the bad.


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 An Author.

I write mostly about loving others unconditionally, emotional awareness, mental health, general behavior, psychology, partnership/romance, and the journey of being a new mom. Being the author of Loving Life with Lee brings me so much joy. I love being able to share my experiences, opinions, ideas, and thoughts with you. Of course, you should review this Blog’s Disclaimer and Privacy Policy before further review or commentary within this blog. If you fail to do so, that’s not on me. Thanks for reading, and your understanding.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] I also create content (and develop, and manage, and all the stuff an owner does) for the Blog Buddy Program, and Blogging Buddies Communities

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 A Student.

Not of college, or any modern school. But of life.

A naturally curious, philosophical thinker. I like to be my own Scientist in Life.

A star-struck daydreamer, and chaotic researcher of spirit, stars, and science.

I am my own scientist. – Often finding truth in the myths and legends, as often as I do in any history or science book. I find pleasure in being my own scientist, my own free-thinker with love and devotion. I often find myself testing, experimenting, and searching for the answers within my own experiences.

I hope that you find my posts, lessons, and sources of value to you in your own journey. Thanks for allowing me to share with you here.


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Energetic Empath.

It’s taken me my whole life to understand what being an empath means scientifically. I have come to understand that I am simply sensitive to the energy of the universe, my environment, and the people in my life. That time and distance don’t matter when it comes to love, feeling, and the power of intention. I have studied people intensely my whole life because of these sensitivities and claircognizant intuition. I have recently reconnected to that universal spirit of love and forgiveness in such a way that my emotional inner wisdom, in combination with my scientific and spiritual studies, have guided me to understand the Art of Transmutation, directly related to energy and emotions. I sense energy like someone would read body language. I also have studied body language, psychology, and the art of influence or manipulations. Working both with the darker shadow selves and the Lightbody of our Higher Self, we can come into better alignment with the Universe and Source, or God (depending on your beliefs). By doing the intense inner work required of the wounded healer, I am waking up to my true potential to live out my purpose: to help people find their passion, connect their heart and mind, and motivate others to love living life!


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Thanks for your continued support everyone.