Personal Astrology Chart Interpretations

Receive a 30-45 minute recorded audio of me breaking down your natal birth chart using Western Astrology, constellation myths and archetypes, and basic explanations of the planets and houses. Starting with the first house, and making our way all the way around to the 12th I’ll explain the basics of what makes your time of birth so important to who you are in the universe at this time in history.

 I believe we are all connected. More specifically: That we all connect energetically and are influenced by the universe, planets, and cosmos at large – that each constellation and archetype – is within us all somehow. Some more than others, and it’s useful to understand the differences in those effects as they have been studied for all of human history.

The stories, the characters, the elements that make them up; They matter to us in very different ways and it helps to have someone interpret these meanings for you.

Our natal charts – as well our DNA, genes, environment, relationships, experience –  are all part of your energetic blueprint, psyche, and physical body. Understanding the Universal perspective of how you interact with the world is extremely useful. Most people don’t have time to dedicate to the study of Astrology. I happen to be one of those star-struck children here to interpret the information for you, so that you can become educated about what is important about YOU! Your life path, phsycial, mental and emotional wellbeing is imprinted within the energy in which you were born. 


What we can do is come to know what we can understand. Ourselves.


The general timeline of the recording begins with the First House, and we talk about each planet and sign within it. We Walk the Houses of your chart one by one, which can reflect the length of your lifespan. Each house highlights an area of life, and each adds and interacts in special ways with the others. This results in a full understanding and comprehension of the meaning of your life’s birth chart that maps your physical, mental, emotional, and many other areas of life. Depending on where the planets are in each sign and house influences how it is manifested in your life. I will explain each planet, sign and house as the audio interpretation progresses. This first interpretation is meant to give you a personal revelation about how you and the universe are connected and influenced.

This does not include the nodes/karma, aspects, NTOs, or Astroids. After an initial basic reading (after we get to know each other) I can offer extended and more advanced readings – See the bottom of the page for these options. 



1) Make Payment Via Paypal:

2) FILL OUT THIS FORM FOR THE READING – MUST include your Birthdate, Location of Birth, and Time of Birth

3) Check your email to receive your 30-40+ minute audio recording within 1-3 weekdays


If you are unable to do PayPal you can directly pay via Facebook or cash personally exchanged. 


  • This does not include any card readings from Tarot or Oracle. I repeat this is not a card reading. This is a (personal) Astrological Natal Birth Chart Interpretation – interpreted with my personal understanding of Tropical, Sidereal, and Natal Astrology. I have done over 100 individuals charts personally before offering the service as of 2020. 
  • This is solely a basic, educational Natal Chart Interpretation. Meant to inform and educate you, not tell you your destiny, fate, or provide answers to questions. I am simply telling you what your chart “says” from an Astrological standpoint from my both classic and modern Universal perspectives.
  • I am not certified or hold any credentials for Astrology as it’s considered a pseudoscience, which indicates that it is not scientifically proven or used in the professional field of medical uses. Thus I hold no claim to know or be an Astronomer or Cosmologist. Although I have studied and followed these scientific topics for many years, and do so daily. In other words, I am not a professional but consider myself well informed of current Cosmology, Astrologic, Solar, and Astrological topics of interest in my everyday life.
  • You are not paying me for a professional or certified service, you are paying me for my time-spent to describe in detail a promised amount of time directly related to the birth data you provided me from an astrological perspective through a personal, yet thorough understanding of its implications to your personality, psychology, and energetic influences, and beyond.
  • I have spent over 10 years following and researching Astrology, Horoscopes, and Psychology, as well as the body-mind science of today. 
  • Refer to my own Universal Astrology Database that Patreons can access themselves here to do their own interpretations or learn more about what is said within a paid interpretation such as this
  • Take what resonates with you and disregard the rest. This is done with the intention to inform you of Astrology and help identify traits, personalities, symbols, myths, and spiritual quests that may be underlaying patterns, energy, or influences that you are not aware of currently.
  • Using the information provided to you in this interpretation should only be for the expansion of consciousness, wellbeing, and personal growth in love and honor of yourself and your importance in the world at large
  • My perspective of Astrology is a combination of psychology, cosmology, astronomy, philosophy, history, and spiritual teachings with several memory complexes. These are big words to say – I know a lot about the detailed web of information that Astrology may include. I am prepared to interpret what is relevant to your basic Natal Astrology Chart
  • Detailed aspects, oppositions, sections, asteroids, and dwarf planets are not explained in full detail. I cover the Sun, our Moon and Lilith points, planets Venus-Neptune, Pluto, and basic North/South Node positions.
  • Most popular astrology is based on using the Tropical placement – which I am happy to use. Although I personally prefer Sidereal astrology for obvious reasons if you do a quick google search. It makes little difference to me and is totally up to you. Most people will recognize their Sun sign from the Tropical system. Unless otherwise noted, I will default to using the Sidereal system for the interpretation as 2020. (Check out this discussion on Quora – as it is a debated topic, I leave the choice up to you.) Tropical is more widely used for horoscopes because of generalization and seasonal purposes. Sidereal deals with the actuality of the stars, constellations, distance, and current reality. The Tropical system is based on cycles, averages, and seasonal equinox time frames. 
  • If you are someone I know personally, I will record this reading as if I do not know you as much as humanly possible. Unless specifically speaking as your friend, this will be treated from an Astrological point of View Only. As your friend, I will promise not to dig, pursue, or judge any of your current life positions, relations, or status in life with any bias. I may refer to individuals we both know as references so that you better understand a mentioned sign or symbol for educational purposes without disclosing personal information of any kind. If you feel this will be difficult to transcend I am really open to talking to you before the reading to further clarify our boundaries as needed. If you haven’t already please read this letter to my Family & Friend Readers of this blog 🙂 

Advanced Chart Interpretations Available

Once you have a basic reading interpreted by me, you may likely want to know more about specific areas of your chart.

Listed below are specific areas that are NOT covered in the basic reading above.

Each additional reading is subject to a new $25 payment and will result in another 20-40 minute recording of me interpreting your desired inquiry further.

  • Common Astroids & Trans-Neptunian Objects
  • Karmic Evaluation of Draconian Chart + North Node & South Node
  • Planetary Chart Aspects of the Natal Chart
  • Fixed Star Report (Audio Length May Vary – depending on the number of aligned fixed star aspects) + Documented List
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