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    Universal Life Reading | 20 Minute Reading (using Astrology, Tarot, and Intuitive Oracle cards)

    15-20 minute audio recorded Oracle Reading, with a picture of the cards pulled in the reading, along with a written note with key highlights discussed in the audio recording    Universal Life Reading Purpose The goal for this Universal Life reading is always going to lead towards Love of Self and Connecting to the Universe in whichever direction is most natural to your life’s purpose at this current moment in time. I do not currently offer past life or relationship readings, nor am I a seer for future forecasting, using oracles or astrology. Read the full disclaimer here. Please only act on the guidance provided in this reading if it…

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    Lee’s Vlog Diary 2019

    I host the most recent and relevant videos from my Vlog on Youtube here for easy access. Please visit the channel here 🙂  Most Recent Vlogs Date Recorded & Uploaded: 6/16/19 Description: Today I want to several things that help me stay grounded, sane, and protected on a daily basis. I show how I do the ‘Celtic Weave’ from Donna’s Energy Medicine as well as the CENTRAL & GOVERNING MERIDIAN (I messed these up in the video, the central is the front, and the Governing Meridian is the back.) And then I get more detailed about the two books mentioned and why this is so important for everyone to know…

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    Love Your Life Readings & Reviews

    I am a naturally sensitive to energy and draw on my intuition and understanding of a wide variety of knowledge and understanding to guide others into a healthier, happier life of self-love and social acceptance, and vital wellbeing! A self-studied Student of Life, I have devoted much of my life to Astrology, body-mind science, mental psychology, and the emotional development of personal and social identity. I’m here to help people find their light, love their life. To find gratitude and grace, so that we all can live a more abundant, forgiving, and successful life here on our amazing planet. One of the ways I can do that is to offer…

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    A collection of Books, Articles, Posts and more, that I will highly recommend simply because they are directly related to what I talk about on this blog. And believe these books can be as impactful in your life, as they have been in my own. These are all books and sources I personally have read, used, or referred to personally. This page is growing along with the Subscribers Library Access!    Recommended Educational Books Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine by Candace Pert Buy Here Related Categories: Emotions & Energy  Click here for a full Youtube Playlist about Candace Pert and her Body-Mind and Spirit Science, Movement, and…

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    Soul Blogging Trinity: My Soul Selves Developing Through Creative Writing and Development of My Three Blogs

    Who can argue that 3 is a sacred number, and a trinity can be a powerful development of growth and wholeness when a balance is found within the triangle. I would like to explain the purpose of each blog and how it relates to me, my experience now, and my future purpose within this lifetime.   Soul Within – My spiritual journal of my soul’s journey within me (past, present and future) Visit new spirit journal here (My Sacred Webspace – Only enter with an open mind, heart and soul)   Soul Life – My lifestyle blog of my soul’s life now (past present) You are on my primary personal…

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    Coming Out of Hiatus

    Greetings Fellow Humans,  I write to you on another late night. There has been a lot of those lately. Remember that “do you want a blog buddy post” from September? I’ve been so busy I haven’t even taken down the post – but the idea has grown into a full membership website! I’m leading a team of fellow bloggers as we build the Blog Buddy Program! I have no regrets, taking this break from my own personal blog here. I’ve learned so much and it’s given me so much new perspective on blogging, business, and leadership! I’ve taken a whole new approach to my work life at home, now that’s…

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    10 Unusual Things About Me, Lee

    I got tagged by Anne of Forever the Wanderer here and I was so enthusiastic about her “unusual things” that I had to participate like, now. Honestly, some blogger tags can become so stagnant and repetitive but when you’re challenged with one like this, you get to know people so much better! Here’s what I got for you, the juicy stuff right? I hope you enjoy this OLD PICS I pulled from my PC to highlight these unusual little bits of me.   1 || In person, I’m kind of terrible at having girlfriends. No joke, I grew up one of the guys and it made a lasting impact on my…

  • I'm going to explain a little bit of my background in small business, marketing, and social media. Then I want to begin to share how this leads me to create my online blogging business your reading from. #blogging #business #luvlifewlee
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    My Business & Blogging Background Story

    I’m going to explain a little bit of my blogging background and how it relates to my small business, marketing, and social media background story. I want to begin to share how my life has led me to create my online blogging business your reading from today.      My Business Background Story The Early Years of My Business & Marketing Experience In my early high school years, my only experience working was in my grandparents home office for their carpet cleaning business. They had just one truck and one technician. They still had a paper trail of my grandmother’s work notes, scheduling notebooks, and invoice printouts. My father took…