• Dear Blog Buddy

    Dear Blog Buddy, Mindful Update from the Woods

    Vicky!  I can’t even begin to thank you for how much you have inspired me as a human, blogger, and friend. I have been going through so much emotionally, and it really started with this mindfulness talk on your blog: CrunchyLeavesandSunsets.co.uk See, I do this thing with topics that I find interesting. I will read a history book and a book of lore and read them as equals. I will read science journals and spiritual texts as equals. Not deciding what I believe or is true to me, if I do not experience something myself that proves itself in life. And thus, I really take in a lot of information,…

  • My Quest for Joy In Everyday Life
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    My Quest to Find Joy In Everyday Life

    It’s ironic really that I have a blog called “loving life” and even though I tell myself I love my life, that is not enough! Experiencing joy entails that you do things in your everyday life that bring you to that warm, happy feeling of excitement, that is true joy every day! What to join me on my quest to find joy in everyday life?   For the last several months, my husband has been telling me that he “wants me to be happy”! After a while, it was so frustrating to argue with him that I was okay! I was happy! I couldn’t reassure him enough how much I…

  • Dear Blog Buddy I Cracked Open
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    Dear Blog Buddy, I Cracked Open & Poured It Out

    I’m so happy to have you to write to right now because it’s been a wild week and I really do need to get it out here on the blog too. I had a really emotional end of my week last week. I’ll be honest, as usual because in my last letter, I admitted my struggle to find balance. And as the week progressed, all the worry and fear came to life. As I wrote on my blog about thinking positively my body came barreling through my conscious mind and things crumbled beneath me as I barely stood. Weak from all that I was attempting to carry with me.  …

  • Dear Blog Buddy, Find the Balance
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    Dear Blog Buddy, I’m Trying to Balance My Life

    This week has been such a roller coaster for this mama. As I desperately try and fail to find a balance between motherhood, time with my husband, and my own self care. Oh, and work! Meaning, the Blog Buddy Program. Early this Week I focused more inward, and began a few new books. Some of which I picked up last weekend when Bowden and I had our (long awaited) weekend away. I have picked up (again, with renewed motivation to finish it this time). As well as Marie Kondo’s book about Tidying Up! Additionally I have awoken my spiritual side again as my special needs sister has asked me some…

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    The Only Thing Keeping Me From Living My Life With Purpose Is Standing Still!

    I have come to a point in my life where I need to start revealing more on the topic of Loving Life With Purpose. This is for you as much as it is for me, so let’s get started. Because uncovering a topic such as this does not come lightly. It hits deep, deep within and I want to make sure we start off these posts in the right way. I mentioned in my first Dear Blog Buddy letter to Vicky (of CLAS, a mindful lifestyle blogger) earlier this week that I believe in terms such as Intention, Law of Attraction, the Power of Belief. If you were to look…

  • Dear Blog Buddy, Much Love
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    Dear Blog Buddy, This Is What’s Most Important To Me

    Dear Blog Buddy,  I spent so much time this week trying to come up with this ideal format and think about what to write and how to structure this. But honestly, I didn’t get to any of that!  It almost feels a little odd to write to you here on my blog, so openly. Ah yes, I do rather enjoy the uncomfortable feeling of new things. Do you? And, in any other way I’ve ever had a “pen pal”, well, it’s been with a pen! I do prefer the tapping of keys though, so thank you for this experience! What I did do for you this week though, is get to something…