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    My Soul Searching Mission | Self & the Solar Chakra Series Introduction

    Throughout my awakening recently (2019) I have delved back into my own Soul Searching mission. I have found some extremely interesting, enlightening, and solid info about the soul that seven years ago (my last soul searching mission) I couldn’t find evidence for. My own interests in the soul started with a realization of Depression and what it looked like within my friends and family. I was aware from a young age that the state of negative thinking drove people into this state. I wanted to know why people were not simply more optimistic. From this immature status at the time I wondered why people studied for jobs they didn’t want.…

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    My Personal Self Care Habits & Routines

    Healing deep emotional imbalances, blocks or traumas can be really important to our wellness right now. To be able to live in a more loving way, to feel more freedom in our lives. Let’s explore the importance of this today as I give you some guidance for really meaningful self care time. Read full Universal Astrology post for today that inspired this post   Using Crystals for Deeply Personal Self Care Rose Quartz is really useful for your Heart Chakra, healing relationships and inner abundance and unconditional love for all Clear Quartz is really a quality option for any healing, transmuting, or clearing. Coming in many forms such as raw…

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    Lee’s Vlog Diary 2019

    I host the most recent and relevant videos from my Vlog on Youtube here for easy access. Please visit the channel here 🙂  Most Recent Vlogs Date Recorded & Uploaded: 6/16/19 Description: Today I want to several things that help me stay grounded, sane, and protected on a daily basis. I show how I do the ‘Celtic Weave’ from Donna’s Energy Medicine as well as the CENTRAL & GOVERNING MERIDIAN (I messed these up in the video, the central is the front, and the Governing Meridian is the back.) And then I get more detailed about the two books mentioned and why this is so important for everyone to know…

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    The Red Dirt Road of the Root Chakra Energy Healing

    When I first started my self-healing journey, I noted that my primal Root Chaka was closed, and upon finding out that this was the sexual energy powerhouse. Well, let’s just say I agreed that this energy base was weak if not inactive. To say I have made progress in this chakra now is an understatement. I not only have an active Root Chakra, but I have much more healthy energy throughout my entire body. Today id like to share with you my own experience, reveal some of my own practice, thoughts, and resources on the Root Chakra and the Red Dirt Road of Self Healing. (Disclaimer: I am not a…

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    Following the Numbers With Thoughts

    In this most recent lunar eclipse, I had a day or two there where I went for a flight in my subconscious, a mental sore through my mind. All day long I watched the time. I saw numbers and signs everywhere I looked. It was probably the most eye-opening and mindful day of my entire life. I have always had an appreciation for math, but I’m more of an Astrology gal, not a numerology nerd, okay? I never really “appreciated” the value of our numbers symbolically until I started to understand more about geometry. Especially when applied to spiritual teachings, the sacred geometry of life and the language that math…

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    My Dark Inner World & What I Learned About Unconditional Love

    Have you ever heard of the "Dark Night of the Soul"? Let's be real and admit that I have been undergoing a hugely dark part of myself in recent months. I have undergone an extremely revealing mental battle within my own inner world and spirit. It has led me into a dark world of regret, anxiety, and ultimately confusion.

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    Self Healing Symptoms & Struggles Revealed

    I’ve been going through some massive self-diagnosis of my physical body. I’ve also been purging my things, even my friends that are no longer (or have never) brought me joy. This has all been very difficult! I want to share some of the most important lessons with everyone so far because I think they are massively important (and affecting) many people right now! Maybe as a reader, You too, are trying to deal with your inner feelings coming to the surface recently. This is one of those brutally honest posts. Real life. Pain and love and passion. So here are many of my symptoms and struggles I am addressing with Self…

  • I am here to share with you the 12 steps I took to self diagnose my overall personal health. I have deeply reflected on my past, present, and future to enhance my health and wellness.
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    Self Diagnosis in 12 Steps for Personal Health & Well Being

    I am here to share with you the 12 steps I took to self diagnose my overall personal health. I have deeply reflected on my past, present, and future to enhance my health and wellness. It has been so difficult to face my physical pain, emotional and mental chaos, and relationship faults and failures. I know within that I can heal myself, that I have the power to let go and forgive myself for things that I have done (in the past). So that I can learn from it, and MOVE ON to my true purpose in a life of love and happiness and well, prosperity! Loving life with integrity…

  • My Quest for Joy In Everyday Life
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    My Quest to Find Joy In Everyday Life

    It’s ironic really that I have a blog called “loving life” and even though I tell myself I love my life, that is not enough! Experiencing joy entails that you do things in your everyday life that bring you to that warm, happy feeling of excitement, that is true joy every day! What to join me on my quest to find joy in everyday life?   For the last several months, my husband has been telling me that he “wants me to be happy”! After a while, it was so frustrating to argue with him that I was okay! I was happy! I couldn’t reassure him enough how much I…

  • Let Go Of What You Think You Know
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    Let Go of What You Think You Know

    What do you think you know but don’t actually know from your own experience?  What I’m going to discuss with you today is a bit of the battle between our human existence in a physical place that has laws, rules, systems, and policies. It’s truly up to your mind to decide what is real to you, and what is lost to subconscious interactions that are forgotten over time.   Time Is Not A Universal Law – Or is it?   An unknown truth is that the universe, god, the world, whatever you call the higher power, it does not lead a physical existence. Which means that it is not bound…