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Coming Out of Hiatus

Greetings Fellow Humans, 

I write to you on another late night. There has been a lot of those lately. Remember that “do you want a blog buddy post” from September? I’ve been so busy I haven’t even taken down the post – but the idea has grown into a full membership website! I’m leading a team of fellow bloggers as we build the Blog Buddy Program!

I have no regrets, taking this break from my own personal blog here. I’ve learned so much and it’s given me so much new perspective on blogging, business, and leadership! I’ve taken a whole new approach to my work life at home, now that’s it’s WHAT I DO! Other than mom-life of course!

The kid? She’s awesome! Walking by Christmas she’s a whole new load of fun and responsibility. Balancing work life, home life, blog life, and social systems are all a bit much for me to handle right now. But to say I’m doing the best I can is probably an understatement. Thank god I have an amazing partner by my side to support me and my blogging dreams.


New Decisions & A New Direction 

To be honest, balancing life and work and the new blog has been a challenge. I also have my local photography business to consider. I really had to think about whether or not I would even keep my own blog. So this is what I’ve decided:

I’m going to keep the blog. I’m going to use the blog. And I’m going to continue every effort I possibly can into creating myself my own businesses online.

Do I have it all planned out to a T? Do I know exactly what will happen to this blog? Not yet, but I fully intend on finding out… Real life. Real love. Let’s go.


Hang In There! 

I’m going to be doing some dramatic changes here and there, and everywhere. So as I attempt to improve my personal space, home life, mind, heartache, and online work I’d appreciate any feedback you might have for me to consider!

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  • Kate

    I know I saw this on my RSS feed and commented on it but my browser and Internet isn’t cooperating with each other lately ahh! I think it’s incredibly amazing what you do! Juggling work and blogging and mom-life must be really hard. I’m so glad to see your blog back after months on hiatus. I’m looking forward to what else you’ve got in store on here!

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