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Newborn Diaper Changing Tips

How my grumpy diaper changing experience turned into a quiet and calm experience in one day with these diaper changing tips.

I’ve been noticing with my little girl that she really doesn’t like getting her butt cleaned so this makes for a really grumpy diaper changing experience. I have tried hard this week to take note of her unhappy triggers. By changing a few things, my grumpy diaper changing experience just magically turned into a quiet and calm experience instead.

” Okay kid, so you’re allowed to not like things in life, but we’ll just change your butt anyways. And hope for the best, okay kid? “

But the thing is, I really do have a generally happy, optimistic baby. Granted, I do what I can to allow her to be happy and am a stay at home mom, so she has it pretty good. Still, she dreads the butt changes. Thus, so do I. (And no, it’s not because they stink or are gross and I do cloth diapers. They are easy and I love them!)

Note that this post is written while my baby girl is about one month old.

“So what did you do?!”

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Do I sing a song? Tell her what I’m doing as I’m doing it? Shower her with happy praise before during and after? Ya know what, no. This just isn’t working.

I use cloth diapers. So we have generally the same process for diaper changing, except they are a bit big for her. You have to fold them and the pad into place just right, and then fasten some snaps to secure them.

Here’s what I took note of as triggers that made her unhappy right from the get-go:

Quickly snapping the diaper off in the ‘get it over with before she’s upset’ approach

Cold hands on tummy and legs during changes

– The wetness of wipes on an unwilling baby bum


In this order, by changing a few things about my approach to this, and I’m having a much happier time and so is she.

  1.  I double check that my hands aren’t super cold, I may even touch her neck to see if she moves away or gives me a sad face. Because if my hands aren’t cold to her, she never minds mommy’s touch!
  2. I tell her we’re going to get a butt change in a happy way and then slowly ease her down into a laying position, as to not startle her
  3. I slowly and gently unsnap the buttons but leave the diaper in place
  4. I get the other diaper in place by lifting her legs only once to replace the dirty with the clean diaper. I arrange the new diaper to snap and then quickly and delicately wipe with care.
  5. Careful not to touch her belly as much as possible, I snap the diaper in place and count them out loud, “One, Two Three, Otherside! One Two Three! All done!”
  6. I wait until her leg is relaxed, or at least bent to place in the onesie and let her stretch into the foot of the suit herself. Making sure to not startle her too much by my touch, if needed I keep my hand on her leg once it’s touching her as not to startle her again by more touch. Eventually, she’ll be more used to being touched all over but right now, the whole world is brand new to her still.
Update: CJ is 3 months now and she kicks her legs around a lot so sometimes it’s not so calm, but it’s still happy! So that’s what I care about most!

Update: CJ is now 5 months old and she regularly poops in the toilet already (it’s easy to tell). Because of this early practice, she has already realized that it’s much more comfortable in a clean diaper and has made attempts to tell me to clean her when shes wet. Active potty training as a Stay At Home Mom (click for all my mom tips here)! ANYWAYS she enjoys getting her diaper changed and I still use these tips!

Let’s just say, things are going a lot better around here!


Any other tips about grumpy diaper changing?

We’ve been following a simple daily routine (even though I never had one before having a baby). I’ve tracked her diapers since she was born, so I know generally when she’s going to be wet (after a nap for more than an hour) or after a long feed. Guaranteed times she will need to be changed are naps and about ten minutes after a long nursing session. 

What’s another couple minutes to prepare for a good diaper changing experience?

I try to feed her when she is starting to show signs of being hungry, not when she’s totally starving. So I’ll feed her a sample ten minutes, burp her and then gently put her down for a change real quick before returning to the feast. This works well for me, as she loves to nap on me during feedings. 🤗 So this is a great opportunity to keep you awake kid!

I try to change her during mood shifts or before the next activity. Newborns really only have a few mode, or moods: sleeping, highly alert but calm, and extremely active and social, and hungry.

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So if she’s been in quiet mode and now wants to kick and be a crazy baby: Then I change her right then, because once she begins to kick, I know within 5 minutes she’s going to be nearly impossible to change easily. (Especially at only one-month-old, so fragile). After this active phase, she’s rarely wet but is usually thirsty after all the activity. So I’ll check her halfway through a feed or after it’s over. But usually, she’s good until after a nap.

I hope this helps some Mamas to have a better time shifting from a grumpy diaper changing experience to a quiet and calm one with their own babies.

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👨‍👩‍👧Written when CJ was one month old. Last updated when CJ was five months old, July 2018.


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