The Truth About How I Discovered I Was An Empath p2
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How I Know I Am An Empath | Part 2

I wrote a post about the mind games with my friends that revealed that I was an empath. This continues the story about how I began to realize I was an empath, and what I began to do with my experiences with mind control at a young, influential age.

How did I know I was an empath?

I began to realize how truly affected I was when someone near me was feeling strongly about something, anything. It didn’t matter of it was happy, sad, angry or mean. It made me feel that way so strongly that I often had to “go numb”. A natural way I learned at some point in my childhood to tune out and ignore my surroundings. I still to this day get in trouble for not hearing my husband or see the dog anxious at the door. It’s a switch, and when it’s off. It’s all off.

But when it’s on? (Which is honestly almost all of the time since I surround myself with people I love.)

I feel it all.

As a child and young teen, as my parents divorced and I moved away, this was extremely overwhelming and stressful. Not only was I troubled myself, but I felt all that my mother’s and sisters felt…

I trained myself an escape by building and fabricating my own new reality. In my mind, what escaped my mouth, who I was, was not right. Mind you, this was long before I met my mind game friends. A life, a mind, full of lies.

Thankfully, when I moved back home to live with my dad, I made some friends who would bring me back to reality. Who made me feel like myself like I was enough. I was able to come clean with my lies and vowed to never look back into that world again. I deleted all traces of my inboxes, writing, photos, graphics. All but my online journals which I downloaded and uploaded to a single CD. That I have since never opened (but I still have).

After this mental breakthrough, shortly after is when I met these mind game friends. To say they influenced my life is another understatement.

It was them that made me realize how affected I was by any and all personal energies.

The mind games, you’d think they would affect me more because I was so susceptible to taking in other people’s energy.

But what I felt through the initial energy push was the foul reveal of the Intention of Their Energy. I was TOO AWARE of the energy in such a way that it gave them away. Especially, if they succeeded, because their energy burst of pride overcame all the other subtle energies they used against me.

This baffled my personal friend, the one that helped me influence these others to stop. Because I honestly could not feel it. For him though, as a tough, manly type, he hated that he was being manipulated! We worked together to identify their energy triggers and I then began to practice taking in and pushing back the energy.

I’ll save skipping ahead to current reality for another day. What are your thoughts?

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