What I have learned to do is openly take in the energy from someone. Usually, they are close or dear to me, but not always. Sometimes it’s a complete stranger that triggers me in knowing my “service” is needed. There are a few ways that I know of, that makes this easier for me to transfer energy because people with high energy give off too much at once and I have to process it quickly and tune into a certain frequency. Others give off such low energy that I have to be almost touching then to feel it fully. (If you’re just jumping into the series, you can read Part 1 here!)
Mostly it’s body language that translates into giving or blocking energy. If someone is sitting with their legs open, arms wide, face uplifted or eyebrows raised then this person will have an easy time transferring energy out to the world.
          (For example: Think of someone you know who is fully confident and is doing well in life. What kind of body posture do they give when they are with other people?)
If someone is attempting to block or keep their energy in the cover their face, head low or tilted, hard closed or clasp together, legs crossed or even worse closed over their chest.
         (For example: Think of someone you know and seen go through depression. How do they position themselves?)
To encourage others to give out energy it’s a matter of mimicking their body language to start with and then slowly changing one thing at a time. Starting with the lower body, and working up to them revealing or uplifting their face or eyebrows.
Try It: Next time you want someone to listen to you try mimicking their body language and one limb at a time, open YOUR SELF up, in hopes they will subconsciously become more comfortable themselves and loosen up.
Hugs do a world of wonder!
(But that’s for another post!)


When I open myself up like this to receive their energy it almost always hurts. I feel what they feel whether it’s sadness or hatred or pain. I feel whatever it is, not in my body, but in my soul.
I’ve learned that I have to be sparing with this because as much as I’d like to help everyone I love in my life. A soul can only carry so much at a time without becoming broken or damaged. With my trouble with breaking my reality in the past, let’s just say I’m not going to forget that there are limits.


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How does this energy transfer help them?

Offloading energy onto someone else is a transfer. I can’t take all of the energy from someone else because no one can ever give it all away, reveal all their secrets, let alone have all the answers. Especially all at one time!
(Pause okay, all ginger jokes aside. I definitely do have a fucking soul… ok… Moving on.) 
When we’re talking about negative energy most humans trap it deep within and let it settle in. And then we get mental health disasters that lead to long-lasting mental disability and disease such as depression and anxiety. Which in many cases, alters the very chemical structure of the brain. Taking a long time to recover and adjust back to a healthy mindset. This isn’t an easy transition into better health because people learn to keep it in. Instead of asking for help, offloading toxic and negative energy, and opening up. They sink inside, close their fists, put their head down and just live in the energy that they contain. And it festers, unable to give or take any new energy. Until maybe, one day they uncross their legs, open their mind, and accept the release and embrace of another human connection.

What do I do with the negative energy I receive from others?

On a bad day, and if I’m not careful it seriously affects me. And I have to work hard to offload the negative energy by thinking deeply about it, and releasing it straight into the world. Preferably in open space, usually outdoors. This is probably why I love camping and sitting by the water. This is the best way for me to release, sitting by a quickly moving river.
On a good day, or a successful session with enough time with the person. I take it all in while listening and discussing the issue with them. A bit of personal coaching, counseling, encouragement. Whatever you want to call it. You know, those conversations you have with one for hours that leave you feeling drained?
That’s honestly my trigger. When they feel drained. 
I like to sit in the enviable silence that takes place. Because, as I said, someone can never give it all away at once. That awkward silence when everything has been said that could possibly be said. And now no one knows what to say anymore.
I take a moment to turn on the switch and stop taking in any and all energy. I concentrate as hard as I can on the feeling of that toxic, negative, hateful, stupid, careless acts and…
I don’t know how to describe it. But I kind of push it over, like one would push a ball of snow, and it gets bigger as it picks up new snow. Until the negative energy is mixed and larger, with different feelings attached to it. Feelings of hope, joy, fulfillment. The opposing emotions attached to the energy. Simply because that’s what this negative energy is attracted to. It’s hard to add more hate to hate, it’s actually easier to attached love to hate. And it’s powerful. 
I then try to manipulate the energy into something else. Something mildly tolerable by forgiving the energy for its existence. I take the moment to understand that it has to exist for the warm energy to exist too. When I feel it, I understand where the energy came from and I can begin to work on untying the binds that hold it here with us, now held within me.
When I feel like enough time has passed, and I begin to feel the energy loosen…
I turn to them and I look deep into their eyes and offer a smile.
If they return the smile, I fully embrace them and all at once when I’m close, preferably heart to heart or me hugging from behind in a spoon…
If they don’t return the smile, I take their hands and try whatever I can to give off my own energy, which is almost always tied to hope. I haven’t come across more than one person, I was unable to reach that smile with. That one person, I have since removed from my life and written off as “probably narcissistic”.
I give every bit of hopeful, loving, warm energy I possibly can. The trouble is, I can’t hold their problems and troubles. I can’t steal the toxicity and keep it within myself. If I do, I know from experience that I unintentionally give it to other people. And that’s not fair. 
So I do as much energy work as I can to mend, loosen, and instill hope and worth… A purpose to the energy. And then I give it all back in that hug. As much of it as I can. And fully embrace them with a long, deep, personal hug. 
At times, the person is then instantly overwhelmed after feeling better for that brief moment of silence after the energy offload. And then to be slammed with it all over again. Surprisingly most people handle it okay. And graciously accept their own energy back.
That’s probably enough for now though right? Thanks for reading, watching & subscribing! 

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