Greetings to my audience and the general public. I am going to outline this blogs disclaimer, terms of use and more. I am the author and content creator for this blog, Loving Life With Lee.

Currently, I am writing a lot of content that may be considered psychological, emotional and philosophical. In no way am I a student or professional in any of these studies. I also have no schooling in business, technology or astrology. I have no training or college background.


Reservation of Rights

The content of This blog is completely opinion based and is subject to be changed, updated, edited or removed at any time.


Hold Harmless Clause

Take any and all advice found here at your own risk. If you feel that you need assistance, please seek professional assistance. Here is a list of professional Help for you. If you feel upset or offended by my content please seek psychological or medical attention right away.

All of my writing is being written exclusively from my own experience. In my own life. I’m just sharing my thoughts and life experiences with you on hopes that you form your own ideas, opinions, and knowledge.

In no way do I think our lives are so similar that you must use and apply my concepts and knowledge as truth or scientifically proven.

I am no way responsible for your actions based on what you’ve read here. Loving Life with Lee is not liable in any manner whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the access, use or inability to use this site or any third-party website.


Terms of Use

I will do my best to provide accurate references. They will always be found on the individual posts as well as the Resources Page here.

No one may copy, recreate, “spin” or recycle the content or photos of this blog. You may share or review the content as is. In Detail, content may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, downloaded or transferred in any form or by any means without Lee B’s prior written consent, and without express attribution to the Loving Life with Lee Blog.

Any persons or business that is found abusing this clause will be subject to legal actions taken against them.


Views Expressed

Comments, reviews and other contributions expressed within the blog are held responsible by the original author. Derogatory or downgrading comments will not be tolerated and may be removed from the blog.


Privacy & Data

I do not intend to collect or distribute data. Although some WordPress plugins may do so.

Please visit my Privacy Policy Page for full details.


To Friends & Family

I have a separate “disclaimer”/letter to my personal friends and family. PLEASE READ THIS!

Thanks, Lee B

Author and Creator of the Loving Life with Lee blog

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