Soul Blogging Trinity: My Soul Selves Developing Through Creative Writing and Development of My Three Blogs

Who can argue that 3 is a sacred number, and a trinity can be a powerful development of growth and wholeness when a balance is found within the triangle. I would like to explain the purpose of each blog and how it relates to me, my experience now, and my future purpose within this lifetime.


Soul Within – My spiritual journal of my soul’s journey within me (past, present and future)

Visit new spirit journal here (My Sacred Webspace – Only enter with an open mind, heart and soul)


Soul Life – My lifestyle blog of my soul’s life now (past present)

You are on my primary personal blog of Loving Life With Lee (go to blog)


Soul Service – My service to the soul of creative consciousness and development for others (present, future)

The Blog Buddy Program is what I consider my primary source of community service and work

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