Top 18 Most Useful Items for Baby & I
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Top 18 Most Useful Items For Baby & I Since Birth

The most useful items for baby are the ones you start using day one, and continue to use throughout your baby’s life. This is a list of products that are all useful on daily basis, as well as safe. Knowing what items you will actually use for your newborn is a HUGE part of preparing for your infant. I hope this helps narrow some things down.


You can find the affiliate link to each product I have myself on Amazon. I hope you enjoy my photography within this post as they are all photos of CJ, my daughter.


Affiliate links may be found on this site. Click on the image for more information.


Each item on the list will contain three words to describe these items. As well as a note about its safety considerations (if any). Finally, a bit of how I use the item with my child throughout the day.

Get ready for a lot of info, pictures, links and descriptive words for each baby item I used the most since my baby was born.

PERSPECTIVE || I’m a bit of a gypsy type of gal about how I do life. I’m a go with the flow person. Yet, I am an extremely social person and don’t mind sharing space. We live with a good number of roommates and have the large master bedroom upstairs with the kitchen and bathroom. We currently room share with our newborn. The room is divided by our bed into a her-side-and-his-side arrangement, each side has a full closet. The baby crib, bed, and toys are kept on another wall (nearest to the mama-side) that is also closest to the door for easy access to the kitchen and bathroom throughout the day (since I’m a stay at home mom).


👨‍👩‍👧 CJ is currently 4 months old



The Most Useful Items For Baby


Rocking Baby Bed

Outside | Mobile | Comfy

💤 Click here to check out this recommended Rocking Baby Bed


Halt baby in her bed

This is a baby bed that is easy to collapse but sturdy enough that I feel safe leaving her in the bed, even with two large dogs around. They can be active and run past quickly, and although she may occasionally get bumped, this thing is not going to tip over or fall. It’s also suitably deep, so I know she is comfortable in a semi-reclined position already and will not be able to sit up in it until 6+ months old. That’s a pretty long time and a great investment for our newborn.

Not only do I easily carry this around the house, in and around different rooms of the house. But also, this is my go-to grabbable bed for her to hang out in outside on the porch every afternoon. She loves the semi-reclined position and is free to move and wiggle all around. She can see everything up and around her. Yet I know she’s comfortable and safe.


We’ve gone camping a number of times and this is the bed that I brought with us. It’s above ground, so I don’t have to worry about bugs crawling on her. And is so easy to pick up and move around the campsite during the day. And is deep enough she can be swaddled and surrounded by plenty of warm blankets at night.


Quality Infant Carseat

Safe & Sound | Necissary| Adventure Ready!


Baby safe in carseat and headrest

I’m all about all-age equipment whenever possible. But I was surprised when I went shopping at Target that I was not happy with the selection of all aged car seats. Although they do exist, they are too large to remove from the car on a regular basis. I knew I wanted something that I could clip in and out of the car when she’s young so that I can transfer her smoothly to and from the car. Until she’s 40 pounds, then the car seat we got expires and she’ll be too big to carry in a car seat anyways!


We opted for this car seat because it was super safe, good reviews, lightweight and easy to install. It comes with a car seat base you can leave in a priority car. But you can also strap and buckle the seat into a car WITHOUT THE BASE TO ANY CAR. This is perfect for us because we to travel in multiple cars throughout the month.


Stable headrest insert

Beary-cute | Soft | Protection

👶 Click here to check out this Baby Head Support item


My sister gifted this to me during our baby shower and I love it! Not only is it super cute and easy to install to a car seat or stroller, but it gives me peace of mind. it protects baby’s head from a car’s turns, jolts, and bump throughout any car ride. Without it, I know I’d be constantly worried about her little head flopping around. Even now that she has full head control, when she’s asleep back there, I know she’s okay!


The K’tan sling

Closeness | Comforting | Thankful


I am somewhere between Positive Parenting and Attachment Parenting. Although I am no extremist and don’t fully follow any major trends, I do tend to do things that I thought I wouldn’t (specifically attachment parenting styles). I didn’t know how much I would rather wear my baby skin to skin than leave her in a walker. I didn’t know I was going to prefer to co-sleep versus cry-it-out methods. BUT I DO NOW!


I LOVE THIS SLING! It’s super easy. I can put the baby in and out by myself. I can easily remove her without waking her up even! She’s super comfortable when she’s in this sling. And there’s something super satisfying and comforting, knowing she’s breathing and alive on my chest. After 2 months, they stop falling asleep on your chest as much, they get to be too big. So sometimes I just look forward to wearing her in this sling for the closeness factor!


But truly, I wear and use this sling from one week old, to this day. And should be able to throughout her first year.
Wubbanub Pacifier Review
Click the image to check out the adorable giraffe wubbanub for yourself!

Wubbanub Pacifiers

Best Friend | Safari | Baby Development


🦁 Click here to read my full Wubbanub Review Post. Included is a list of the Top 10 Cutest Wubba-Friends!


I could not be happier with these Wubbanub pacifiers. I’m SUCH A BIG FAN! They not only comfort CJ, but they help her development along! Everything from sight to fine motor skills, to strength. They help her out every day in every way. They are so much more than just a simple pacifier.


The Munch Mitt Teething Glove

Teething | Must have! | Genius



This thing is the BEST. CJ started teething really early, by 2 months old. This started before she learned how to hold on to things, so being able to just put this on her and help her figure out how to be coordinated, was so helpful. She loves the little bumps on this and the texture so, so awesome for her gums. Now that she’s old enough I just hand it to her and she’s in love. It’s one of her favorite things. Mine too!


Avent Bottles

Perfect shape | Modern | Simple

🍼 Check out these amazingly designed Avent Bottles & Nipple Set (even if your planning to breastfeed!)

If you’ve read about my breastfeeding journey than you know that I also supplement formula throughout the day, and choose not to pump. I started using these bottles at just two weeks old. I found that the shape matched my own nipple so well. And she took to both the breast and the bottle so easily. I have had no trouble with nipple confusion in any way. And I really do think it’s because of the design of these nipples. I would not recommend any other bottles or nipples. Since they do come with upgrades on nipples per month, I would just recommend getting a set of three at a time. Upgrading to the new two drop nipples when necessary, buying three new nipples. Then three drops, then four. I use the same three bottles throughout the day. I personally wouldn’t even want any more due to the pile of dirty, stinky bottles I’d have to clean up after.


Cloth Diapers

Saves Money | Feels Good | Eco-Friendly


Sorry guys but I’m not a fan of disposables. Ever seen one left in the rain or rotten in the trash? Whatever is in them, I’m not okay with. Plus, I hate that our landfills are just filled to the brim with things like this, that shouldn’t be there. I’m sorry but cloth diapers are just much to easy and cost effective not to for stay at home moms (or dads).


I use My Love and Alva Baby Cloth Diapers for my baby girl. They are the ONLY way to go. Not only are they super comfortable and easy to clean (check out my Diaper Bundle!), but they are eco-friendly and cost-effective. I spent what I would have on disposable diapers for one month, and have all the diapers and supplies I’ll need before she’s potty trained.


🧐 Check out my Cloth Diaper Recommendation post here. It’ll explain everything you need to know about cloth diapering. And what to get!
Click the image to check out the activity play matt!

Activity Play Matt

Play Time! | Happy Baby | Interactive Music


👁 Check out this gorgeous play matt!

Having a colorful, cheerful, and happy place to let any newborn play on is such a must-have. Even when they don’t have head control, you can still lay them down and let them be entertained by hanging objects for them to stare at. When your baby is old enough to start tummy time, having bright colors and decorations gives them so much joy!


I love that ours has a wall with piano keys that play when she kicks it! She loves it! She’ll see her matt from across the room now and I know that she wants to play! I may very well skip having a baby walker completely because she loves her matt so much!


Colored Links

100 Uses | Colorful | Teething


Baby playing with her linksI constantly link toys together with these color chain links. She loves to chew on all the different ridges and edges alone. But these make it so easy to switch out toys on her play matt. Or link to the car seat. They have a 100 uses and I don’t know what I’d do without them.


Infant Health Care Kit

👼 Here is a great infant care kit for you!

Make sure to get several nose suckers! I have several of them, spread everywhere throughout the house because I use it so often. She gets super fussy if her nose is running or clogged. So I have one in my diaper bag, bedroom, bathroom, car, haha! Everywhere! The one kept with the cloth diaper supplies gets used the most because this is something I do along with every diaper change.


I underestimated how often you have to trim baby nails! I also didn’t realize how unhappy babies can be if you don’t brush down what little hair they have after baths. Even the comb I was like, what am I ever going to use this for? But I’ve already used it three different times to gently comb off her cradle cap after soaking her head in coconut oil. It works great!

Most Useful Items for the Mama!


Comfortable Nursing Bras

🤱 Check out this ideal five pack of great nursing bras

I prefer to go completely braless. The first few months of breastfeeding though comes with a lot of leaking. Need I say more, I had to wear a bra for a bit. Now though, since I under produce, I have gone back to mostly braless. My number one reason for going braless is comfortability, so that’s where these nylon clip bras are amazing. They are comfortable! Easy to keep clean and store. I own two. Yes, just two. The second reason I go braless is the science now that says that braless breasts are healthier and happier. They have less sag and some women have fewer back issues also. But, that’s probably for another post someday.

Bamboo Bra Pads

👗 You’ll need these cloth bra pads if you plan to breastfeed!

Yea, there’s that leaking stage as mentioned above. Having a selection of cloth pads saved me a bunch of embarrassment.


Natural Nipple Butter & Butt Cream

😍 This is the nipple butter and butt cream I recommend. This bundle should last you a long time too!

Even with a good latch, there are days when your nipples just straight get abused. Especially in the beginning. But even now, I have days where I put on some nipple butter and I feel so much better, right away. So does your baby’s bum! So choose something you can feel good about while you heal.


Bad-ass baby backpack by Harley


To each their own on a baby bag but this thing is awesome for me. I am not a purse-wearing gal, I’m a pack-the-bag-if-i-have-to gal. So transitioning into using a backpack for the baby was super easy and comfortable for me. I can keep it stocked, put it on, and go. I love that it has two sections with multiple small pockets and things throughout. This thing has like 13 sections in all. The side pouch for keeping bottles is great and easy to clean out. And the other side pocket for wipes is such a life saver. Especially since I use cloth diapers!


Mama’s Tactical Fanny Pack

😎 Check out this genius baby fanny pack! It can be worn in five different ways!

When I’m seriously on a mission with my baby, I couldn’t do it without my tactical fanny pack. I load it with the essential baby things I’m going to need, and a first aid kit, and rags and everything I will need for the baby for a few hours. This way I don’t have to travel to the backpack for everything. I can just easily clip this to me, and be on the move. For shopping, camping, and family outings this thing saves my life.

The Dog’s Baby Pack

🐶 Check out the dog backpack that can make your baby’s needs come to you!

I have been SO EXCITED to train my dog to be my baby buddy! She LOVES having this dog bag on. When we are somewhere I can bring my dog, I do. I load her with cloth diapers, wipes, nose sucker and all the other daily essentials and she gladly toats them around with her. I just call her over and running to me, she comes to the rescue with the baby stuff! She’s got it all!


It gives her a duty. And I’m all about dogs having jobs. They play a seriously important role to you and your children, so why not make them feel entitled to the love and attention they get by helping out!



Things I surprisingly didn’t use, or need, for my infant so far…


Baby Monitor. I use this app called Dormy because as long as you have two devices and internet, you can hear and see your baby via this app. It’s amazing. It goes silent until it picks up a sound. You can adjust the settings but i rarely do. I forgot my tablet at home one day, and it was super easy to install and tether up to my dad’s phone! So instead of spending a bunch of money on another high tech device that I have to remember to keep charged, I just use this app.


A Stroller, for the first 3 months. They are so small and I wanted the bond with our family to grow as much as possible. I much prefer to put her in the sling until I literally can’t anymore.


Swaddles. I had one of those kids who just wiggled right out no matter how pro we got at putting them on. I know so many tight methods now I can’t believe I couldn’t keep her contained. I got the point child, don’t tie up your kid if they can untie the knot. We straight skipped swaddling and went to pj’s. They make good burp and drool rags though!

Regular and cheap binkies. It’s all about the Wubbanubs!


Breastfeeding cover. I am NOT at all modest about breastfeeding my babe. If I’m ANYWHERE that allows ANYONE to eat a sandwich, then I’m going to feed my baby there. Period.


I have yet to be harassed, probably because of my confidence level and my easy baby. But oooooooooh! How I would enjoy this confrontation of character. I’m not shy. I’m proud!


Baby costumes or frilly little girl dresses. Myself, I dress her in more gender neutral baby clothes because they are simple. They are easy to take on and off. And guys, she looks cute in anything. Personally, my husband and I love putting her in her Seahawks onesies more than any other cute girl outfits. I actually don’t think we’ve put CJ in a single dress yet…


The crib/pack and play. Surprisingly!
I think if we were not room sharing, then this would have been a perfect match for us. Honestly, I change most of her diapers on the bed, instead of the crib’s changing table. And by the time I was comfortable laying her in the crib so flat, she was too big for the small crib.

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