I hope to provide you additional information to my Patreons that are not detailed on the Patreon page tiers. I aim to provide more information to Patreons as the database grows and the number of supporting Patreons grows. Only allowing me more time to devote to my passion and pursue my goals of becoming a certified Energy Medicine Practioner. In which you all are helping me to reach by supporting me in this way! Thank you so much!

Most Recent Updates to Patreon & Databases:

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How the Database Information Has Been Collected

The databases you will have access to are built on Airtable so you will need to have a free account with them to view it. I LOVE this free online tool for SO many reasons, as it’s basically an interactive, modern version of Excel Spreadsheets in many ways.

In the last tab in the database called SOURCES, you can find all of the resources used in any way, to contribute to this database of information. Each is different and so, they each have different sources that help to create them. I claim no rights to the information, I have only collected the information that is already made public knowledge, by both science and spirit. The associated books, authors, blogs, articles, and more are all linked to the SOURCES tab for you. I HIGHLY recommend reading the following books to get the most out of the uses and application of this database in full:

What is great is that you can easily link together the data within it from any other page. So if you’re viewing the Self Healing Database for Emotional Healing, you can easily find information linked to the Essential Oils or Crystals also within the database. You can quickly view the information from the oil you are interested in, and then back out to remain in the Emotional table. Or, you could choose to go straight to the “Symptoms” list and find solutions from all other places within the database.

Tips for Navigating & Using the Database

Some Tables have Multiple Views!

Be sure to check out the many different ways some of the tables such as the Energy tab, can be displayed in a variety of useful ways depending on what your needs, interests, beliefs, and level of understanding of the topic is.

Click the Top Left drop-down menu to view the data displayed in different ways.

I know that the data presented in a spreadsheet can be really overwhelming, so I hope the different Views are helpful!

How to Gain Access & What to Do

  1. Go to Patreon.com/Luvlifewlee and pledge to the Tier with the database/s you want access to
  2. You will be led to a page that provides you the Link to the Airtable Database!
  3. This Invitation Link will prompt you to create a free account at Airtable
  4. The database will then be found on your Airtable account.
  5. Bookmark the Database link for easy access!

IF YOU DO NOT want to become a Patreon but you would like access to a database: please make a $10 Donation for Each Month You Would like to have access. For example, If you want access for 3 Months (90 days) you would donate $30. – Go to the READINGS Page to make the donation. Then, Email me at Lovinglifewithlee@gmail.com to be provided the access link and invitation from me directly as there is not a way to automate this currently.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE DATABASE – Acess to the database is cleaned regularly to keep Patreon Benefits Secure.
Please refer friends or family to the Patreon.com/Luvlifewlee to have them gain appropriate access.

Most Recent Database Demos & Update Log

PREVIEW Self Healing Database

This video demo was recorded 11/2019.

This database was last updated with new data this month, January 2020.

2020 Databases Change Log:

  • 1/1/2020 – The Self Healing data tables were organized and updated with new Astrology data
  • 1/11/2020 – The Universal Astrology data was last updated with Sidereal Fixed Star data

This page was late updated 1/13/2020

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