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Protect Yourself From Projecting Negative Thoughts

I think we all have a natural assumption about other people because of our highly functioning mind and body awareness. We can’t help but notice information about others and be sensitive to their energy, emotions, and expression. When it comes to being Judgmental against others, it’s a discussion about mental conflict of how we perceive our inner world, in comparison to other’s psychology.

We can use feelings of being thankful, respectful, and having discernment without being judgmental.

Anyone of us are allowed to have an opinion based off of their experience and beliefs, lessons, and ideas. No one has to agree or disagree with those things, as we each have our own relationships, minds, bodies, and lives to live out. Sometimes we must see that justice, balance, and alignment to equality must be served for the greater good. It’s up to us to decide to be on the side of good intention for all and make our actions align to those needs.

These are great issues for our Solar Plexus energy that relates to our ego, will, and confidence. Using Joy Essential Oil can be helpful in soothing feelings of Judgement. Whether you are feeling judged by others, or are feeling too judgmental yourself.

Aquamarine is amazing for protection from negative thoughts and emotions. It helps clear the Throat chakra and anxiety, allowing you to speak your truth without fear. It naturally strengthens our aura, making it more difficult for other peoples energy to enter your inner field, keeping your self-control more intact and calm in stressful situations.




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