I am a naturally sensitive to emotional energy and draw on my knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of knowledge and understanding to guide others to healthier, happier life of self-love and social acceptance and vital wellbeing!

This is my Self Care Lifestyle blog, Loving Life With Lee! This Blog is centered around living a Life of Purpose, Emotional Wellness using and understanding your bodies Energy.

A self-studied Student of Life, I have devoted much of my life to body-mind science, mental psychology, and the emotional development of personal and social identity.

I’m here to help people find their light, love their life, and find grace in gratitude so that we all can live a more abundant and successful life here on Gaia.




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Other readings may take place with you. These readings will be about 6-10 Minutes Each.

Joining the Loving Life and Kofi Readings with L Facebook Group is by Invitation Only  – I do this to keep your identity and reading as private as possible. I regularly clear-out group members who are not actively pursuing readings, I reserve this right at any time to retain a Safe Space for All.



There are a variety of more specific readings that might be better suited for you! If you choose one of these listed below, then I will still include what your FB Live Reading was if you would like.


Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional in medicine, psychology, or speaking. I claim no power or responsibility for your interest, interaction, or creation. I am working intuitively and intelligently from a place of Love, Light, and with the Highest intention to Help Heal Emotional Wellbeing through Conscious Thought.

Full Disclosure: I will not judge your character based upon religion, race, gender, sexuality, or any other society based label of identification. I resonate and have researched all major religions, philosophies, histories, cultures, and beliefs across the globe to some degree. I find Beauty in Every Truth of Every Lesson because at the end of every story there is a conclusion of Love and Honor. I am self-educated in basic emotional awareness and release, psychology, mythology, ancient texts, religious texts, energy, astrology, geometry and mathematics, history, theology, philosophy. I have interests and practice with Tarot.




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