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This is a page dedicated to listing all of my free content. Thank you for subscribing and following my healing journey. I hope that these healing guides and resources help you to grow, heal, and love all that you are and all that you will ever be.

Free Healing Guides & Meditations

This is a Drive Document that is a free guide as to how I have cut energetic cords and psychic bonds to release or end contracts or contact with others that no longer suit you or benefit you. This is a simple process that can be changed or edited to your own spiritual practice, belief, or ritual.

Many spiritual teachers, coaches, and guides, make this out to be something special or difficult. It is not, anyone can complete their own healing. Some of us desire help and guidance through these healing times and that’s great. Others, do not need more than a simple system to follow and change into their own process. But what are the basics? This document outlines these basics. I encourage you all to do your own spiritual soul searching in any paths that might interest you – as those are truly the only ones that matter to you.

This Drive Document explains the steps to use Essential Oils, or just the Emotions and their Release Phrases which are also included. A process for healing and releasing feelings that are holding you back from Honoring Yourself in every moment. These are truly the primal blocks that we have on our Souls. To really awaken your own Self Love and Mindful Habits, it beings by honoring your self and your innate ability to heal yourself.

This is an easy to follow guide that will reveal itself to be empowering and transformative.

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