Distance Usui Reiki Session that will focus on activating each chakra, awakening each vortex wheel’s correct spin, as well as then balancing the chakras throughout the body. Ending the session by painting the aura with universal Rainbow Ray Reiki to clear, cleanse, and close the aura for protection. Healing occurs within the body via the body’s universal life force and the channeled reiki energies of the 7 rays.

Effects during the session may include tingling sensasions in the chakras or through out the body as well as a peaceful, loving state of meditation, with colorful visions or clarity of inner vision, connection with inner guides and whole self.

Effects after the session may include subtle changes in all layers and bodies may be noticed including a shift in self-confidence, awareness, mindful attention, focus, or false beliefs. The physical body may be better able to naturally self-heal after a Chakra Reiki Session. Chakra blocks may be lifted completely as a result.

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