Plan of Action

This is the Blog’s Plan of Action written in as much detail as I currently have in mind.


What’s the point of this blog? Find out here.





I am currently writing to those who want to live a happier, healthier lifestyle who are living with a baby or partner. And other bloggers like myself, who are passionate about working from home, entrepreneurship, small business, and living their own life of financial freedom.


+ Over 100 views a month.



Currently, I am expanding my reach heavily on Facebook, YouTube, & Pinterest. I am also building up profiles on Twitter, Mix, and Google +. Soon to launch is Instagram.


+ Gain more than 50 FB page likes!

+ Stick to a promotional schedule for all active social media accounts



I am currently hoping to gain loyal supporters through my Patreon page. This is where I will offer exclusively personal details and packages for those who are interested in a Referral Program with other bloggers, blog networking opportunities, motivational friend and exclusive access to private articles, free content, blog polls/discussions, or video sponsors!


+ Gain my first Patreon

+ Update exclusive content at least once a week [detailed post or video]

+ Deliver exclusive updates about blog ideas and progress


Work Opportunities 

I have updated the Work With Me page to offer currently openings in my schedule. And a place to find out about projects I am currently working on. Full Details.


+ Make new blog friends for Networking Agreements 0/5

+ Be open for Guest Blogging and Sponsorship opportunities




Focused Content Categories:

Life With A Baby || Life With A Partner || Life With Purpose

Goal: 10+ Posts for each by 2019

Other Categories & Tags Include: 

Friends, Other People, Technology & Apps, Blogging, Astrology, Personal Growth, Savings, Organization.

Goal: 3+ Posts for each by 2019




I want some blogging friends, and some business buddies. I am extremely active on Facebook and are open to making new friends there.

To keep my personal facebook private and locked to the outside world except for family and friends I know in my personal life (also keeping their identities safe), I have created a Public Figure page to be able to keep my followers updated. Giving them a way to get personal on Facebook without sacrificing personal attachments and identities.

You can follow me personally on facebook here.

I have plans to build a Facebook Group to build a Blogging Referral Network with related niches so that bloggers can easily connect to work together and support each other. This project is in it’s first draft stage and I don’t know the exact date of it’s launch yet.

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