A Positive Hospital Child Birth Story

My Child's Birth, a positive hospital birth story! #childbirth

This is an account of my positive and healthy birthing story of my daughter, CJ. This was a planned pregnancy, where her birth was at the hospital. Although my original (and adored) OBGYN Doctor was unavailable at the time of my birth, the hospital staff luckily took my Birthing Plan very seriously.   Perspective || This was originally written just a couple of days after her birth. I have since updated it to post here. Please […]

From Cosleeping to Bed Sharing

How I Became A Modern Cosleeper. Bed-sharing allows us a healthy and loving way to sleep together with our baby. #bedsharing #cosleeping #luvlifewlee

Cosleeping with your child into a deep sleep can be the answer to your sleeping troubles. I’ll tell you my story of how I went from a cosleeper who room shares to bed sharing.    The act of helping your child to fall into a deep sleep by cosleeping can be the answer to all of your sleeping troubles. Here, I am opening up about our slow drift into co-sleeping, something I thought I’d never […]

Top 18 Most Useful Items For Baby & I Since Birth

Top 18 Most Useful Items for Baby & I

The most useful items for baby are the ones you start using day one, and continue to use throughout your baby’s life. This is a list of products that are all useful on daily basis, as well as safe. Knowing what items you will actually use for your newborn is a HUGE part of preparing for your infant. I hope this helps narrow some things down.   You can find the affiliate link to each […]

My Breastfeeding Journey (0-3 months)

I’m going to share my breastfeeding journey with you so far because I tried to be as prepared as possible when I was pregnant for this. But there are just some things you can’t prepare for. Breastfeeding is harder than you think it will be. I’ll share my mistakes and the things that made the difference in what I thought my breastfeeding journey would be compared to what it actually is. To start with, I […]

What I’ve Learned In My Baby’s First Three Months of Life

What I Learned Baby's First 3 Months Of Life. There are a few lessons that I’ve learned during my baby’s first three months of life by being a new mom. I’d like to share a few with you || #baby #luvlifewlee

There are a few lessons that I’ve learned during my baby’s first three months of life by being a new mom. I’d like to share a few with you today. I hope to spark a little bit of encouragement to the pregnant new mama’s out there, as well as a little bit of remembrance to those who have been a Mama for a while now. “How in the world…”   Before I had my baby […]

Newborn Diaper Changing Tips

How my grumpy diaper changing experience turned into a quiet and calm experience in one day with these diaper changing tips. I’ve been noticing with my little girl that she really doesn’t like getting her butt cleaned so this makes for a really grumpy diaper changing experience. I have tried hard this week to take note of her unhappy triggers. By changing a few things, my grumpy diaper changing experience just magically turned into a […]