• How I Can Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom. The Secret to being a Stay At Home Mom? Saving Enough Money || #luvlifewlee #stayathomemom #sahm
    Loving Life With A Baby

    How I Can Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom

    There are four major ways that I save enough money every month to be a stay at home mom: breastfeeding, parental child care, using cloth diapers, and swapping baby clothes with other moms. I’ll explain why being a stay at home mom makes more sense than me working full time. We’ll even discuss what my routine looks like because of staying at home (reality check). There are more than ten things listed in this post that can save you enough money to be a stay home with your little one too.   PERSPECTIVE || I live in the Seattle Washington area, taxes and child care is at an all-time high…

  • The Basics of Using Cloth Diapers. Anyone can do it, it's easy and super affordable. It'll save you thousands! Recommended products included for begin cloth diapers. || #clothdiapers #baby #luvlifewlee
    Loving Life With A Baby

    Using Cloth Diapers: The Experience, The Savings & The Recommended Supplies

    There are three things that can kill your everyday pocket when you have a child: clothing, formula (& then food) , diapers, and wipes. What we’re going to find out today is just how much money I’m saving by using cloth diapers. Along with all the perks of being green friendly, easy, clean and more. At the bottom of this post, I have a set of items that I suggest you start with that I’m going to call, The Diaper Bundle! Here’s everything I know and love about using cloth diapers!